Regiena Heringa - December 2020: Light and Radiance

Hello to the Family of Light!

Imagine that from the centre of your heart, you create a path of gold light which extends outwards into the world and beyond into space, and from there into other dimensions and planes of existence. Imagine now that you are simultaneously creating a path of gold light from your heart inwards, inside your body. Pay close attention to your emotions and your mind. Keep your emotional body steady in love and your mind calm and quiet.

Concentrate now inwardly. Feel your body glowing in this golden light, your heart filled with gratitude and your personal mind detached so that you promote an awareness which goes beyond your immediate self.

Your intelligent and loving heart becomes the balance between the golden path of light that flows outwards and the golden path that flows inwards.

The quality and impact of your radiance to the outside world is dependent on the purity and power of your inner radiance. This inner radiance is your soul speaking. It says, “Behold, the world stands ready to receive your spiritual outpouring for the transformation of your earth. All life will be returned to its original form of beauty and fullness.”

Kindly do not underestimate the power you hold to elevate our world. Our very atmosphere is charged with gleaming energies of pure, divine frequencies. These enter and expand the consciousness of those on earth who, through their own free will, are ready to receive them. We know that our inner spiritual light is being magnified. When we acknowledge this, we express our willingness to open our minds and hearts to learn, to grow in understanding, to expand and to love more. In quiet moments we are lead to this inner guidance which show us how our gifts, talents and interests are of service to humankind.

The Light inside us will be revealed, gradually or more rapidly. It depends on us.

We are encouraged to surrender joyously to this inner light and to strengthen it. Here it flows out effortlessly to create pathways of golden light for others to recognize and to combine with their own. Through this continual increase of light and radiance we restructure our world and enjoy lives of sharing and fulfilment.

In Divine Friendship,

Regiena Heringa


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