Regiena Heringa - November 2020: Our Energy Imprints

Hello to the Family of Light!

Today I would like to talk about our energy imprints.

When we enter a room or a garden, in fact any space in our physical world, we bring with us our energy. When we leave this space, we also leave behind an energy imprint of ourselves that others with heightened awareness can sense.

These energy impressions that remain in the air have various densities: distorted energy patterns create dull, low vibrations; harmonious energies create elegant, high vibrations.

At this upon our planet it may seem that some energy imprints left by others is heavy. We are continually being asked by our star friends to focus on energy imprints of pure light. These have increased steadily since the beginning of planetary life. These imprints stimulate the light within us and remind us that we are created from light. Each time we create a thought based on love we are: 1) intensifying our divine light 2) leaving an energy imprint to encourage others and 3) linking into the fundamental energy imprints of light that have been upon and within our earth since its very creation.

The elegant, loving and intelligent energy imprints of light were here on our planet before the imprints of distortion. They will always be here for they are the harmonious basis for the material construction of our world—be it plant, animal, human, or other. Light is our home. As we grow in spiritual understanding, we realize that the energy imprints of distortion are not native to Planet Earth. They will eventually dissipate.

We are asked by the celestial realms and by our extraterrestrial friends to return to our fundamental energy imprint of light, of Love. Rooted here, we lead lives of example and encouragement. How do we do this?

We consciously choose and create different thought and actions. We consciously choose to change our patterns of living so that we are continually mindful of what energy imprints we bring in and leave behind when we leave a person, a room, a garden, a pet. We ensure that what we think and how we act towards ourselves and towards all life create energy imprints of exquisite, sacred vibration.

In Divine Friendship,

Regiena Heringa


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