Regiena Heringa - October 2020: The Smaller the World, the Greater the Heart

Dear Family of Light!

Today I would like to speak you of restriction and expansion.

Presently, we are observing diverging thoughts, ideas and relationships. It seems as if we are moving away from each other. Yet, through scientific and technological advancement we have increasingly closer links to each other. As the universe expands our world shrinks. The idea of time changes as the idea of time zones seems less important. Space is changing; what we once perceived as empty outer space, we now know to be quite full. What was once enigmatic has become the ordinary.

Although our physical world is becoming smaller, our consciousness and hearts are expanding. We are beginning to realize that life is vibration— frequency and reverberation. No matter the dimension or plane of existence, all vibration has one origin; it is birthed in the very core of the love of the Divine Creator—the Giver of life—the Absolute.

We are not separate from this centre. We are within it and we consciously access this core through heightened awareness. When you close your eyes, quiet the mind and sit in stillness, your awareness, focussed within, brings you to a place of peace. Give it space and this peace deepens and joy bubbles forth. Here is the connection to the divine centre wherein expansion is endless.

So we live in an expanded state within and in a restrictive state without. What can we do?

We strengthen the inner divine self so firmly and so powerfully that as it automatically overflows to influence the world around us. We become glowing examples of love, understanding, compassion, gentleness and sharing.

All life is precious and inner life is especially so. One day you break open a small stone to discover crystals inside or you gently brush away autumn leaves to find a tiny, satiny mushroom pushing up and peeping through. Within the tightly closed clam shell is a living body; within the atoms of our body there is light.

We are asked to reclaim our divine heritage. We are asked to let flow our spiritual nature out into world by thinking and acting with reverence and with loving intelligence. We are asked to realize that our lives are reflections of the sacred love and infinite light of our Creator and all creation.

In divine fellowship,


Regiena Heringa


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