Regiena Heringa - September 2020: Relaxation, Surrender and Unfoldment

Hello to the dear Family of Light!

Today I would like to talk to you about relaxation: relaxation of the body, of the heart and of the mind.

Pure relaxation is found in the soul of each individual upon our good earth. When you breathe in deeply and let go of tension, you begin to move into the feeling of surrender, of letting go. This does not mean you give up on life! In fact, as you surrender to the peace of your soul, a greater strength and sense of purpose flood your being.

Relaxation and surrender lead you to a marvellous environment of unfoldment. What is this unfoldment?

Imagine that you see a wildflower—a daisy— in front you. You notice that some of the petals on the flower are only half open and you see that a tiny thread of a spider’s web has forced these petals to remain closed. As you gently remove the thread, the flower gradually opens fully, for the petals are now freed. They can unfold and consequently the flower shines in full glory.

What prevents us from complete unfoldment, from revealing our souls to ourselves and to the world?

Our hearts and our minds. Our limited thoughts and our restrained love close us up. We block ourselves and, as a result, we are unable to enjoy the sweet joy and peace that surge up from our divine spirit.

There is a shortcut to reach this unfoldment and it is an easy one: As you physically and mentally relax, widen your heart and your mind by creating loving thoughts and feeling them. Automatically, you will be led into your inner divine centre. Here you realize how cherished you are as a unique individual.

Play with the vibration of your thoughts and heart. Notice that high, noble, loving thoughts hold an exquisitely clear and calm frequency. Notice how the heart gladly matches this frequency. You create here the perfect environment for the unfoldment of your soul. It is freed. It is revealed to your inner self and to the outer world.

Amidst all the unsettlement in this world, there is a steady flow of perfect frequencies of light available to all who are open and ready to receive them. These are gifts from our guides and star friends to further our understanding and learning. We are simply asked to recognize that all life is one. We are to realize that life is the unfoldment of this divine essence which we easily touch by relaxing and surrendering to our inner sacredness. Therein lies the unfoldment of the universe and so much more.

In divine fellowship,


Regiena Heringa


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