Regiena Heringa - August 2020: Soul and Mind

Hello to the Family of Light!

Today I would like to speak to you of soul and mind.

As you know, the material world is composed of energy. This energy is found in the farthest star, the closest heart and the smallest thought. We are made up of energy. We breathe it, we eat it and we think it. This universal energy acts upon us, with us and within us. It nourishes and maintains physical life. It creates fields and it influences fields.

The two main areas where individuals consciously direct energy for balanced living are from the soul and the mind. If the mind follows the guiding principles of the soul, an individual lives in harmony. When you contact your soul through quiet reflection, you feel a marvellous inner flow of Love and well-being which you then radiate to the outer world. From that inner place of sacredness (your soul) you then begin to create thoughts that are perfectly aligned to it. These thoughts come naturally because your mind has been “raised” to meet the exquisite frequency of your soul.

It is interesting to note that when you are immersed in the language of your soul—Love—it is impossible for your mind to create negative thoughts. Why? Because your soul and your higher mind are unified.

I invite you to perform an experiment. For one hour or one day, keep in constant contact with your soul, allow thoughts to surface from this divine base and radiate outwards. Notice the content and quality of these emerging thoughts and note also how the outer world modifies itself to harmonize to your unified radiance.

This union of soul and mind is extremely powerful because it creates a firm field of coherence and influences everything in the physical world. This perfect joining of soul and higher mind can even change the molecular structure of matter.

Like a star ship that uses its force field to clear a path through its travels in space, we, too, are clearing a path for the emerging new world. We are becoming very familiar with the language of our soul, now that we create thoughts that come directly from our higher, sacred mind. Our ideas, creations and actions are more lovingly refined as we increase our compassion for the well-being of all life in our world and of the very planet itself.

In divine fellowship,


Regiena Heringa


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