Regiena Heringa - July 2020: The Home Vibration

Hello to the Family of Light!

Today I would like to speak to you of the sacred vibration that lives inside your body, your heart and your mind.

There are many types of vibration: the vibration of your fingers as you move them, the vibration of electricity in the brain, the vibration of the blood circulating in your body, the vibration of the earth’s magnetic field that changes with your emotions. These vibrations are a part of your everyday existence. You might think they are separate from each other. Actually, they all are rooted in one sacred, vibrational foundation that can be called the “home vibration.” This is the vibration of light that slows down its frequency to become physical form. Yet, even though the light frequency slows down to move into a material world, it also maintains its original frequency. A paradox.

Each time you feel Love, you resonate to this home vibration. You become one with it. This means that every time you are unified with this root vibration, all other vibrations in your body and mind move into it. You become one in this sacred vibration which you, yourself, initiated by feeling Love.

You have probably experienced this. One day when you are feeling unsettled, you decide to stop what you are doing and thinking and go to a quiet place. You close your eyes, take a few deep breathes and surrender yourself to this delightful feeling of harmony and tenderness. You let yourself float in the sublime radiance of Divine Love. This is the home vibration.

In the space around us, there are other worlds and beings of refined frequency that we may sense, see, even touch when we heighten our awareness. Beings in these dimensions vibrate to the home vibration of Love. They are here to help us move consciously into this sacred vibration and to remain grounded there. You probably ask, “Why should I bother? Aren’t I doing my best?” Yes, I think we are doing our best and I thank you for your dedication.

But let us consider the following.

The feeling of familiarity is a very powerful one. How comfortable we are being with familiar people in a familiar place! We are relaxed and content. Now let’s move into a more profound sense of familiarity—moments when, for no reason, you are suddenly filled with bliss, with right-ness and joy. You can’t find a reason. For that one moment, goodness and Love permeate every part of you. What is this? This is your soul reminding you of an intense inner familiarity—your connection to this deep rhythm and frequency of the home vibration.

The more we are in contact with our soul, the more we realize that the grounding of all vibrations lies here in a place of quiet mind and heart, of inner expansion and exploration. This place—the seat of truth— is familiar to us.

Once we cultivate and nourish our conscious contact with our soul, we no longer have to do our best; we are our best. We consciously begin to live, within and without, the perfect unified home vibration of Love. Then calmly, through heightened awareness, we glide into contact with other worlds and beings and realize we are all one family. We are loved and we are helped. We discover that this new emerging world has always been within us and now it is becoming visible and tangible. Its foundation is our grounding: a fine and infinite home vibration called Love.

In divine fellowship,


Regiena Heringa


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