Regiena Heringa - June 2020: A Point of Light (Part Two)

Hello to the Family of Light!

Today I would like to continue speaking about our common denominator: realizing that we are first light and then from there we become a physical structure—a material body. This light is with us when we are born. In fact, you can consider the manifestation of the soul in the body as light.

As light is the foundation of all living things upon the earth, we are asked to lovingly treat all life as intelligent and sacred. We are also asked to lovingly treat ourselves as intelligent and sacred.

It takes light to create a thought. If the essence of a thought is heavy—not aligned in love—then the manifestation of that thought will also be heavy and unaligned. If you create a thought which is aligned to the light with which you have created it—a thought based on love—then the manifestation of that thought is perfectly aligned to your physical self, your physical world and to you inner, divine Self. You are unified.

This new world, which is now steadily emerging, is coherent. It is a world consciously based on light—on loving intelligence. It displays harmony, peace, encouragement, cooperation, sharing and constructive creation. This world is based on the golden rule which we all cherish: treat others as we, ourselves, wish to be treated.

Within us lie systems—digestive systems, cellular systems, and many others, all which illustrate the intelligent complexity of physical life. This also holds true for stellar systems, galactic systems and other interconnecting matter, all forming a united whole. Here we observe the inherent intelligence of matter. We are intelligent, loving beings, formed from light and precipitated into physical matter. How we lead our lives is based on how we use our free will.

If you take the time to re-connect with your inner light, you touch the very core of yourself, just as you touch the centre of a flower with your finger. Here, you move into the essence of creation, into a vast system of light, love and intelligence. Here, you experience wider awareness, tremendous outpouring of love, and pure frequency of sound and light. You become unified with all life, on earth and elsewhere. This is the foundation of the new emerging world of which we are all a part—if we so wish it.

A turning point is being presented and we are invited to embrace it.

There are many beings of elegant, loving vibrations from beyond our space and time who are now with us and our planet. They are here to accompany and to encourage. We are continually guided, inspired and uplifted; we are always shown the next part of our journey. All we need do is open ourselves to a nobler idea and way of living.

If we hold true to the light which birthed us upon this good earth, we will harmoniously create and share marvellous openings and direction for the betterment of our world and all life upon it.

In divine fellowship,


Regiena Heringa


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