Regiena Heringa - May 2020: A Point of Light (Part One)

Hello to the Family of Light!

Today I am sending you all a personal message.

The most important step to take now is to unify ourselves within ourselves. Everything in the universe comes down to one point of light. It is the same point of light for everyone, whether you are a flower, or a medical doctor or a worker in the factory. We are being asked to all connect to the one point of light.

When we go into that one point of light, we are all connected to the same thing—the same Source. The field of frequency and resonance of that point of light is the same for everyone on the planet. We all hold the same point of light, the same frequency of that point and the same resonance.

When we connect to God, the Creator of all life—this we do every moment we are conscious of love—we are in that point of light. If we pray to Jesus or to Allah or to other expressions of divinity, we are all in the same point of light, the same love, the same frequency.

Among other characteristics, the physical world is made up of electricity, magnetism and hundreds of millions of tiny particles which spin, which disappear and reappear from one dimension to another. Our physical bodies do the same. In each atom, in each tiny particle in our bodies, there is again this point of light. It follows us everywhere, whether we live on the earth or elsewhere. Whether we are in body or in spirit. This point of light can expand to bring us into higher dimensions, to meet and exchange with our star neighbours, to commune with angels and guides.

Light is communication through love. All life is held together in this manner. Even life in other planets, worlds, galaxies, dimensions and places beyond our understanding.

It is important that we set up strong, perfect fields of energy of divine energy. Divine energy fields, which are established through sincere prayer and deep meditation, are extremely powerful and override the energy fields of the planet. Creating and living constantly in divine energy fields will neutralize the distorted energy fields of electricity and magnetism which now saturate the planet and all living things on it.

No matter how rigorous the physical distortion is upon our earth, this point of light will never go away. It remains “solid” and true within each one of us. It is there to be awakened and to be used. It is our witness and guarantee that we are first light and grounded in this light. Here lie our origin and foundation. And everyone on earth holds this same point of light and all beings in all dimensions also hold this same point of light. So all of us are asked to connect with and expand this light within us.

How can we do this?

By quieting the body and mind so that there is a space created to become aware of this point of light. Once you are aware of this light, begin to become friends with it. You will feel love, for that is the language of light. You will experience moments of joy, of quiet delight. You will begin to truly realize, that every person in the world has this same light. This will make you very happy. Then, perhaps without even realizing it, you will create tremendous fields of divine energy—open fields of divine energy, not closed ones—open ones which automatically will attract other open fields of divine expression that will connect to yours: fields from earth, fields from space, fields from beyond our dimension. This is the beginning of unity, of a great, magnificent field of divine unity which extends into space and far beyond it into infinity.

This is our future. We will become more proficient in mind communication, more proficient in stabilizing and sending love and being love. We will become more talented. Our minds will be able to understand greater concepts in science, language, the arts, and so many other domains. We will become a different people as this new race of humankind emerges. And it all starts with a point of light, the same point of light that is found in all existence.

In divine fellowship,


Regiena Heringa


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