Notes from the Light - April 2020

The Emotional Language of the Soul

Within every physical body there is a perfect light form. In truth, it is this light form which densifies to create your material body. If you voyage backwards from your physical body to its corresponding light body and then into the nucleus of this light form, you observe that this core—the beginning of physical manifestation—is love and intelligence, thought and idea.

The original thought which manifests into light form and then into a physical body is perfect. When individuals, through silence and with open minds and hearts, once again find this core existence of thought and love, they have found their birthplace.

The citizens of your world are being asked to return to this birthplace which does not dwell outside of the self, but within each individual. You have the means to rediscover your origins of love, thought and light. How can this be done?

The emotions expressed from your soul make up a pristine language which resonates in each atom in your physical body. These emotions proclaim love: joy, enthusiasm, patience, harmony, peace, generosity, kindness and many other expressions which you easily recognize within yourself. When this emotional language surges up from within your soul, it lifts up your physical body. It reminds you that your body continues to hold on to its origins of love, light, intelligence and thought.

How can you express this soul language to elevate your physical body when the environment around you is attempting to block it?

To answer this question, we ask you to close your eyes. As you do, begin to re-live moments of joy that you have experienced in this life or in other life experiences. Allow these moments of joy to intensify. This will happen naturally as you move deeper into the feeling of joy. Notice how your mind, your cells and your very centre are flooded with happiness and are being uplifted. Increasingly, surrender to greater absorption of these moments of joy which are accompanied by harmony, peace and well-being. With your awareness and your will power, consciously bring these gracious emotions from your soul forward into present time. Absorb them and become them.

As you progressively fill yourself up with the emotional language of your soul, your mind and heart will become aware of a wider horizon. Your physical body will take on the radiance of these loving emotions and you will overpower the outer environment of discord.

Nothing in your world is static. All continually flows with love and intelligence into higher and more refined states of frequency, resonance and grace. In expressing this pure language of your soul, you become immersed in the divine way of living. It is here you live from your birth place.


Regiena Heringa


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