Notes from the Light - March 2020

Energy Fields and Radiance

Surrounding all matter be it plants, animals, humans or other, there is an energy field created by the light found in the particles of this vibrating matter. These minute energy fields combine to establish one unified field. Through the conscious use of free-will, you can decide on the brilliance, the direction, the colour, the sound and the fragrance of these fields, all which affect your physical world. These fields also radiate internally to render the cells in your body coherent.

Your Planet Earth is similar to this construction. Individuals upon your earth, like minute energy fields of divine light, come together to establish a unified, planetary field which is then radiated inwards and outwards.

The intention created through the respectful use of free-will is important. When you create an energy field of harmony and well-being for all life, you establish a pathway for your world to open up to spiritual understanding and practice. Such pathways stimulate a tremendous flow of divine energy and uplifts the consciousness in your world.

Let us go a little further.

Your earth was once separated from other worlds, when tumultuous, negative energies came and imprinted your planet. Although your earth continues to be closely and lovingly guarded, this isolation is lessening. Due to the spiritual intent and dedication of so many of your citizens, there is a marvellous event taking place. Let us explain this with the following illustration.

Imagine a ball hanging in the space in front of you. Surrounding this sphere you see a layer of darkness close to it. Touching this layer and moving outwards to infinity is a majestic layer of blinding light. This light extends beyond the portal of your earth’s highest atmosphere and into deep space. Imagine now millions of your citizens consciously pouring divine energy into this tremendous and unbounded layer of light. This sacred energy then flows backwards into the layer darkness and forwards into infinity. Darkness is weakened, recedes and is removed. Here you observe the transformation of life upon your planet.

Great assistance is being given to you at this significant time. Your minds and hearts are opening up quickly now, ready and enthusiastic to explore this continued expansion of your consciousness. You realize it is easier for you to absorb and use the light that is being sent to you.

As we work together in universal and cosmic friendship, kindly nurture these openings. Gratefully accept and use the gifts you have and are presently being given, to be of service. Love all life dearly—including your own. You, your world and your planet are evolving rapidly, moving into vast reaches of mind and space which are facilitating the emergence of a new world—one which no longer needs to be isolated.

We ask you not to push away darkness. Shine through it. In this manner the darkness will dissolve and you will be free.


Regiena Heringa


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