Notes from the Light - November 2019

Gifts of Joy (Story: The Snail and the Clam)

What weight do you carry in your mind and heart? Does it restrict you in becoming the divine being that you are? Can you transform this weight into the joyful recognition and use of your gifts?

Indeed, there is presently a weight upon your planet which seemingly halts the spiritual and scientific progress of your people. However, there is a link between the weighing down by worry and the upliftment to joy. This link is called "perception." Let us illustrate this with the following story.

There was once a shiny snail drifting in the shallows of a river, trying to find its home in a specific grass which the snail cherished for its comfort and food. I will never find this home grass, the snail thought woefully as it tumbled over the ripples of the river. It is too far away and even if I get there, I might not recognize it.

A little later on, the silvery snail met an orange-striped clam. The clam was digging its foot in the sand and pulling itself forward, leaving a narrow, sandy furrow. Small creatures were scurrying behind the clam, feasting on tiny morsels of plant food which floated up to the surface of the water from the newly created path. The snail asked what the clam was doing.

"I am opening a pathway for others to enjoy," said the clam as it stopped momentarily to admire the glitter of the sun shining through the water.

"But isn’t it hard for you, dragging such a heavy body with your one foot?"

The clam smiled with its pink mouth and shrugged. "I never think of the weight I am carrying; I feel only the joy of helping others. It makes me happy." And with a polite nod of his shell, the clam continued on its way.

The silvery snail easily found its home grass. There was really no reason for me to fret, it thought. Hanging down snuggly from a sturdy leaf, the snail mulled over what the clam had said. How can I find a way to bring joy to others and leave my worrying behind? I could shine a little more brightly to those around me. And the weight of my house would be lighter. Yes, that’s what I’ll do! And with a peaceful grin the shiny snail fell fast asleep.

All individuals upon your good Earth carry a unique identity—a unique vibratory pattern of light. Within this pattern—divinely created—lie gifts for all humankind to grasp a better understanding of life. Each moment that you think, breathe and move you leave an energy imprint in the very air around you. This imprint, like the furrow created by the clam, helps feed and direct others.

We ask you to reflect on the following: Will you cultivate your gifts to help your world? Will you place more attention on your joyful contributions to your families and communities and less on the weight you carry in your heart and mind? If you do so, the weight within you will disappear and in its place will be joyful creation and greater expansion.


Regiena Heringa


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