Notes from the Light - August 2019


When you gaze into the very core of a flower, what is it that you see and sense?

In the very core of this flower, you sense infinity. If you travel through the space surrounding the flower, through the spaces themselves between the parts which are called petals and stems, through the very centre of the flower, and then beyond it, you realize this flower is a part of infinity. In truth, in all life, there is only the voyaging of infinity into infinity. With you physical eyes you see matter and you see the space surrounding this matter. However, with a heightened sense of awareness there is another “seeing” and this “seeing” moves through the physical structure of matter to space and to infinity.

In your material world, infinity seems far away, outside the realm of your every day life. Yet infinity is part of your daily life, for ideas and thoughts continue forever. They may be caught by other minds, reflected or transformed, yet the essence of all things is infinite.

Within the core of the human heart lies the perfect Love of the universe. Love, infinite and eternal, creates matter, moves through matter and through space. The wing of the bee in your field, flutters and ripples the very energy in the universe, for nothing is contained, nothing is destroyed and all is renewed.

We ask you to contemplate the nature of your core being—this infinite Spirit which moves within you and which continually creates you. Understand that this spiritual core has no beginning or end.

Your thoughts, your creations, your actions and reflections are infinite. They fill the space around and within you and continually spin, dance and move in the cosmos. There are particles and waves and even greater expressions of the essence of matter which you have yet to discover. However, we ask you to remember that the purest way to explore the vast universes of energy, intelligence and light is through the infinite frequency of Love, for It is the foundation of all existence, material and immaterial.

Kindly consider the following: Are you aware that your affectionate presence changes the world around you? That the thoughts you create, the love you radiate, the kindness you show, remain as infinite reverberations in your world and in the universe? When you feel the great spaces behind your closed eyes and sense infinity within you, do you realize that you, too, are an infinite creation constantly changing form and expression?

In one life experience you are on this earth and another life experience you are elsewhere. Yet, everywhere, all vibrates in infinite Love. We ask you to remember always that you are unique, precious and infinite.


Regiena Heringa


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