Notes from the Light - July 2019

Divine Radiance and Rippling

The citizens of your world create energy patterns based on their thoughts, feelings and actions which ripple outwards to effect all life.

Your world is in constant movement and evolution, forever moving towards a more refined expression of itself. If there is disharmony among your thoughts, words and actions, you initiate an interfering energy pattern which ripples out to the world in chaotic fashion. This can be illustrated in the following manner: When you throw two stones into a calm lake, you observe that the ripples produced by these objects create patterns of interference. However, if you throw only one pebble into the calm water, the ripples move to the shoreline without interference. The rippling caused by this one pebble can be likened to the individual’s soul: it remains clear and calm, perfectly reflecting the inner Divine Spirit and radiating this reflection to the outside world.

Therefore, to encourage harmonious rippling throughout your world and beyond, kindly continue to radiate thoughts, intentions and actions of Love, goodness and peace from the flawless vibration of your own soul. Spiritual radiance vibrates so purely that no interference is possible from those who choose a lower frequency. All sacred thoughts, words, intentions and actions, ripple outwards and are enfolded by worlds of high resonance whose radiance is endless.

When great radiance from one individual meets and blends with the great radiance of another there is an Encounter of Light. This is seen as a magnificent rippling of divinity moving out into your world and into the universe. Presently, this elegant ripple effect is being experienced by those upon your planet who are in conscious contact with us and willingly absorb our radiance. As your citizens come together with one, two or many other beings of radiance—be they of your world or another—they produce a rippling which touches and transforms your world, from the smallest creature to the tallest mountain.

Hence, we ask that you become increasingly aware of the vibration of your innate reverent nature. Kindly continue to be firmly established in the core of the Divine One. Cultivate and radiate this innermost sacred centre wherein you dwell, loving Soul of Light that you are. Reflect on the tremendous importance of cultivating this rippling of goodness and spiritual expression. Fill your days and your hearts with the knowingness that you have moved from follower to leader, from catalyst to creator and from a position of planetary instability to one of universal harmony. It is to be remembered that this rippling effect, witnessed through the coming together of tremendous spiritual expression and ensuing scientific discovery, has only just begun.


Regiena Heringa


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