Notes from the Light - June 2019


We from other planets, galaxies and dimension are in partnership with you. We, whom you may call “extra terrestrial” are simply your neighbours, found in physical locations and in heart space.

It is true that we watch carefully the evolution of your societies and planet. It is true that we will continue to help the citizens of your world who, through their own free will, decide to lead lives which are based on open heart and open mind.

Although it may seem paradoxical to you, we are as close to you as the air that you breathe and the hand that you open to others. Because of your world of linear thought, you believe that galaxies are far away from your Planet Earth. Indeed, in linear distance—that which is calculated by your material standards—this is so. However, there is another manner of thinking and doing. In truth, everything in the physical universe can collapse into a point of light, for the material is simply created from thought, light and love. All is vibration and reverberation. Hence, we are with you the moment you think of asking us to be with you: In one instant of your time we can appear you in vibrational or physical form; in another instant we are in another galaxy; in another instant we are in another universe.

Although the material world is of great importance to you—indeed it is the basis of physical living—the material world is mere energy and light. It exists in your analytical minds, but it does not exist in higher consciousness.

Let us illustrate this point.

As you penetrate the origins of the material body, you realize it is not solid. It is energy. Above all else, physical matter is energy, light and vibration which resonates to, and it a part of, the perfect core which can be named God-Creator,—the first founding Principle—Love, Light and Intelligence.

If you decide to return to this perfect core of divine resonance, release the idea of time and space. You release ideas of distance and memory. You become one within the One. Every physical manifestation has its origin in the divine core of “One.” We and you vibrate and resonate in the “One.”

To your physical eye, it may seem that you need to travel light years to reach us in other galaxies, but in truth, travel is instantaneous. Everything is simply thought.

Therefore, we ask you to open your awareness to us, neighbours and friends, that we are help your world and its citizens. Become familiar with living in the core of oneness. How can this be done?

Allow a space to develop within your minds—a large, loving space of awareness—devoid of linear thinking, and filled with kindness. Ask for our help and guidance and we are overjoyed to give it to you. There is a fine and noble elevation of mind and heart upon your earth which continues grow and mature.

It is our deepest pleasure to be of service to you and your world. As you come aware of us in your fine, higher consciousness, you will become comfortable with us as we appear to you in light, in energy, in colour, shape and physical form.


Regiena Heringa


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