Notes from the Light - May 2019


There is a close relationship between kindness and the transformation of your physical and mental states. Let us explain.

We would begin our explanation with a gesture of gratitude. We thank you for continuing to unfold into this majestic Light which births and maintains the structure of your physical body and your planet. Thank you for your patience and perseverance to remain true to your inner divinity and to shine it in your world, offering encouragement to others. Frequently you have the opportunity to abandon your sacred destiny, and yet you continue on and pass through obstacles with determination and a buoyant heart. Thank you.

Let us now consider the relationship between kindness, your physicality and your human mind.

The moment you experience kindness towards yourself and others, your body relaxes and your human mind is lifted up. In experiencing kindness, you are living from your soul. You let go of human mental constructs and soar into a higher consciousness. Everything you experience and voice through pure Love originates in your soul. Compassion, patience, and kindness are some expressions of this Love and can be named as “ soul qualities.” When you live these qualities, your physical body is automatically rejuvenated. Why is this so?

To answer this question, it is helpful to examine the nature of spiritual Light. This Light, of which we have spoken so often, is a direct manifestation of the greatest force in all life—Love. It is Love which”births” your soul. You come from Love and your physical foundation is Light. In truth, your soul is infinite, pure Love and pure Light, this same magnificent sacred Light which illuminates all the cells and sub-atomic particles of your body. In a manner of speaking, you are “soul-light.”

Therefore, Love, Light, soul and soul’s expression together form a magnificent harmony and each moment you express a soul quality in your daily existence, you strengthen this harmony. Where there is harmony there is balance and rejuvenation.

Let us illustrate this point.

Imagine that you are at the edge of a crystalline lake and a soft, warm wind arises. You open up to this beauty and feel kindness welling up from within you. This is an expression of your soul, which radiates as energy outwards to modify the physical world around you—your body, the lake, the wind, other countries, your world, the universe and beyond.

The language of your world is gradually transforming into its original language—soul expression. It is to be remembered that soul language is forever stronger than the language of personality and human mind. Hence, we ask you: Are you kind and considerate towards yourself and others?

Each loving feeling you have for yourself and others, automatically harmonizes your physical body, and lifts your mind to greater understanding and further exploration. You, whether in physical form or not, are pure Love and pure Light—a soul vibrating and radiating kindness to all.


Regiena Heringa


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