Notes from the Light - February 2019

Push and Pull

In your material universe, there are forces which pull and others which push—that which attracts and that which repels. Imagine that you have in front of you a ball suspended in the air which emits a magnetic pull. It invites you to fall into it. Using your personal will, you can decide: “Shall I fall into this ball, or do I move away from it?” Your decision is a personal one which becomes a part of the fabric of the life you are weaving.

In considering your choice, you examine the nature of this ball. You may also ask yourself, “Do I want to be a part of this ball? Does it uplift me? Do I feel a spiritual connection which promotes the betterment of myself and humankind?”

This pulling and pushing is a pulsation which is an integral part of your material world. Without this gravitational force of attraction and repulsion, all participants in your planetary system would leave their orbits. Confusion upon your planet would surely follow!

These forces are core elements found from within the smallest particle of matter to the greatest galaxies. However, within yourself, there is a centre of quiet—a place where there is no push or pull. This is the state of neutrality—home to pure, divine, Love. In truth, Love is a tremendous force, pulling all things into It. Yet, as paradoxically it may seem, in your world Love remains neutral. How can this be?

Love, sacred and divine, is the creative force which births all life, all worlds, all dimensions and much more. Love holds the subatomic particles in place and ensures order in all of creation. It has no push nor pull. It simply exists as Creator and Creation.

All hearts upon your planet hold Love. However, this loving force will not initiate pushing or pulling. It is you who initiates this movement of attraction or repulsion. It is you, using your personal will, who decides and chooses which movement to take. Within your essence—your soul—there is no pushing or pulling. The soul lives quietly inside Love. It is stable there.

Kindly contemplate the following: All activities have a push and a pull. In your every day living, what force will you initiate? Will you choose thoughts, creations and activities which reflect your inner soul or will you initiate movement which pushes you away from your personal and planetary spiritual advancement? What will you do with this ball suspended in front of you? Perhaps you will attune yourself to your divine centre, examine the qualities this ball is radiating and make them a part your existence. Kindly remember, however, that if there is nothing in the ball which reminds of your spiritual home, you might consider moving away from its pull—no matter how enticing that pull might be.

We assure you that if you remain anchored in the Love within, you will not be pulled in or pushed away. Rather, you will be enfolded.


Regiena Heringa


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