Notes from the Light - January 2019

Spiritual Warmth

Imagine that every particle of light which lies inside each cell of your body exudes a warmth which spreads throughout your body from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet. Let it spread throughout your form. Feel your brain cells also being warmed up by this light. Enjoy this warmth flooding your form. Notice how you begin to relax in your head and in all other parts of your physical form.

This is the feeling you have when you let go of an overly busy and perturbed emotional and mental environment. In your world, we observe that agitation is presently infiltrating many of your societies.This agitation is due to the never-ending stimulus of your physical body. We witness in your world an increased hyperactivity throughout your nervous system—especially your the brain.

Among other functions, the nervous system and its attributes ensure the safety and healthy workings of the body, and promotes awareness. If the nervous system is over stimulated its balance is lost. It has severed the connection between the divine root—the inner spirit—and its outer expression: Living every day with reverence.

How can you find balance?

All creatures in your world build homes for themselves, whether it be in the ground, in the waters or elsewhere. There is an appropriate dwelling place for all, including humankind. Hence, we ask you to contemplate the following: Where is your spiritual home? How do you know you are in your “spiritual nest”?

When you are in your spiritual home, you sense an overflowing warmth, expansion and peace which fills you up. You feel lovingly directed; you sense kindness. You hold a deep knowing that you are an intricate part of a great assembly of souls all expressing love and encouragement. You sense that your serene, loving inner life of your soul is radiating the Creator’s Light to all life. You feel spiritual warmth.

There is no boundary to this spiritual warmth. Its radiance passes through all objects and all thought. We, in other worlds and dimensions, capture your loving radiance as you capture ours. Kindly remember that when your minds and hearts are quiet and open, you perceive our friendship and guidance as we feel yours, for you, too, guide us. Let us then continue together to share in this fine spiritual warmth which flows infinitely throughout the universe.


Regiena Heringa


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