Notes from the Light - December 2018


When you are consciously living from your soul you are in peace. Peace links all beings in your world, our worlds and the universe. It is peace which brings forth greater cooperation of your people, so that all can understand, grow and advance.

When there is peace in your minds and hearts there is no rushing, no anger, no need to defend concepts or actions. This is because peace presents an infinite environment for the exchange of ideas, materials and creations. Peace nourishes the physical body, helping it to regenerate so that it becomes whole once again.

Although we witness misunderstanding—hence turbulence—in your world, we also observe a great wave of peace imbuing your planet. We invite you to attune to this sacred vibration.

How can this be done?

Find a moment when you are not moving, when you allow your brain to calm down and where you can feel your breath. This promotes inner awareness. You then begin to feel an attunement to higher, more refined frequencies around you and within you. In attuning to these celestial frequencies, your inner peace increases. This is so, for these vibrations which are increasingly resonating in your world, expand minds which are open and loving—minds of peace. Indeed, these powerful and peaceful energies also resonate physically in your brain and in your body. They align themselves naturally to your body; they follow your state of mind and then these peaceful energies expand within you and direct you to higher living—if you so choose.

Inner peace indicates that you have accepted and that you are nourishing self-respect and self-love. This peace flows freely from your divine essence. It is only hampered when you choose to cut it off. In all the turbulence that you witness presently upon your earth, realize that inside its core lies this peace.

Why do some of your citizens negate peace?

For many, many years upon your planet there has been a strengthening influx of frequencies filled with purity, intelligence and creativity. Although we may not trespass on the sacred soil of individual freedom of will, we can influence your world by sending increasingly stimulating frequencies of love and peace. This we are allowed. Some will recognize this environment; others will rebuke it. Free-will is a gift given to each individual upon your planet. As the increase of divine frequencies are felt within all of your people, it is hoped that peace will flood all minds and hearts.

Let us present this example. Imagine you are standing in an apple orchard, admiring the ripe fruit. As the apples falls naturally from their trees, you gather them up. You notice that some fruit is perfectly ripe and other fruit is decaying. Which do you choose? Will you choose the apples which remind you of wholeness, indicators of love and peace?

Kindly contemplate the following: Will you choose peace within yourselves? Will you promulgate that peace in your actions and reactions? Will you associate with those who are also in peace—those who harvest its ripe fruit?

Your world, in its transformation and by its very essence, will move into higher frequency, for that is its destiny. This we have mentioned upon many occasions. That will not change, for the free-will of your planet has made that decision and holds fast to it. Hence, remain attuned to these exquisite and celestial frequencies within you and around you. They will continue to fall as a rain of Light, refreshing you and kindling your deepest desire for this peace, this marvellous language common to all worlds.


Regiena Heringa
Institute for Spiritual Unfoldment and Interworld Studies (ISUIS)
Institut de l’épanouissement spirituel et des études intermondiales (IESEI)


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