Notes from the Light - November 2018

Movement and Stillness

In viewing your wondrous planet, we ask you to observe how matter moves. You notice that you are surrounded by waves, lines, points and much more. You see clouds which swirl, move into each other and then part. You witness that your breath and the wind stirs matter. Microscopic matter moves by its own energy. Observe the movement of your own thoughts. Are they frantic? Do they move calmly? Have they stopped for a moment? The motion of thought creates greater motion of energy in the outer world, for thought affects matter.

The frequencies coming from your outer space and which move through your earth, have sound, colours and patterns. Everything in your physicality is in motion: growing, transforming and travelling upwards. The very blood in your bodies moves to the rhythm of your physical heart, which, in turn, moves more quickly or more slowly according to your thoughts and emotions. These, in turn, are created from the individual soul which is still. Within motion lies absolute stillness. Everyone and everything, even the spaces between your molecules, emerge from the quiet—the core of life. Then, through intention and attention movement is birthed.

Under your microscopes, the smallest particle of matter is in movement. Yet, if you travel into the core of this smallest particle, you will find, in a manner of speaking, the ‘beginning’ of energy. One moment there is nothing and the next moment there is perceived energy. It is not that everything springs from nothing; rather, it is that life springs from stillness.

Kindly observe the following: in a moment of quiet mind, feel your physical body. Here you are aware of the blood pumping and energy circulating. You feel the warmth and you feel the cold; you feel pressure and you feel liberation. However, if you go deeper and you will sense quiet within your inner self and your body. As paradoxical as if may seem to you, even while your heart is pulsating, you will feel a stillness within the motion of its molecules. Before a seed sprouts in the ground there is a moment of quiet within it. In truth, the soul is stillness and its platform is creation.

Let us present this example. Imagine that in front of your closed eyes you see nothing but darkness and quiet. Now allow an image to appear. It seems to come into existence from nothing—the creation of quiet into form. It is important to comprehend that the initial position of creation is stillness. That is when all things are possible.

Hence, we ask you to balance movement and stillness. Kindly ensure that you spend some moments each day to touch this inner quiet where magnificent worlds of light and love can be explored, for they are a part of you. It is from your soul’s stillness that you create, learn, share and become transcendent to uplift your world.


Regiena Heringa
Institute for Spiritual Unfoldment and Interworld Studies (ISUIS)
Institut de l’épanouissement spirituel et des études intermondiales (IESEI)


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