Notes from the Light - May 2018

The Advancement of your World — Attitudes

What is going to happen to your world? This is a question which frequently moves through the minds and hearts of your people.

We, interplanetary and inter-dimensional guests in your world, have no firm answer to this question for it is to be remembered that the attitude of your earth citizens may change very rapidly. When we speak of attitude, we speak of the psychological stance of your peoples. If this stance is based on the language of the heart, then the position created is one of reverence and your world is enlightened.

From our perspective, your people are growing in the understanding of greater laws which transcend the social rulings and mores of your earth societies. Greater laws are those which encompass the well-being of all life including all citizens in the universe. From your point of view, chaos seems to rule in your world. Yet, if you observe the orderly fashion and the intricate design of your physical bodies and your material world, you witness the complex organization and noble interconnectedness within each particle, each cell and each cluster of matter which transcend your time. You witness here a respectful fellowship assuring mutual growth.

Indeed, in all material universes of which there are more than you can possibly count, and in the cosmos itself, there is an enormous creativity which is born in an orderly yet open-ended fashion.

It is important for you, gentle citizens of Planet Earth, to comprehend that you have within you a mighty system of life. Imagine your body, mind and soul as a miniature universe—the soul as the central sun around which your body and mind gravitate. As you rotate around your soul, you realize its tremendous strength and gravitational pull. In increasing your awareness of your soul—this inner divinity—you begin to transform your mind and your body. Your attitude changes to become rooted in Spirit—in the Creator—where it belongs. In this manner, you may participate in an exceptional planetary opportunity as it opens and expands to offer you a far greater and more inclusive reality than that of your present world.

Currently upon your earth the direction of growth of your inhabitants is changing as it is increasingly being navigated by the sacred intelligence from within all of you. Should this direction strengthen, your planet and its citizens will live in an elevated manner similar to our own.

Hence, what you may perceive as chaos moving throughout your world, we perceive as a wave of honesty and fairness founded on the attitude of the heart.

We ask you, with kindness and foresight, to continue with lives of reverence and loving creativity. In so doing, the resurrection of a supremely holy and intelligent vibration which permeates the very rock of your Planet Earth will again make all things whole.

Regiena Heringa
Institute for Spiritual Unfoldment and Interworld Studies (ISUIS)
Institut de l’épanouissement spirituel et des études intermondiales (IESEI)


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