Notes from the Light - February 2018

The Flooding in of Divine Consciousness

As we have stated before, the physical body is a receptacle of Light. It holds Light as a manifestation of cosmic energy, this energy which gives birth to the bodily cells. Let us illustrate in this manner.

Imagine that you have a perfectly formed pearl sitting in the palm of you hand. As you look closer, you realize that this pearl exudes a luminescence which seems other-worldly. With your imagination travel inside this pearl and enter vast, illuminated and infinite space. Here you sense immensity. Yet, within that vastness all seems contained by tremendous forces of perfect love and intelligence. As you release your imaginary travelling, you once again view this lovely pearl sitting quietly in the palm of your hand.

Each cell and other smaller revolving particles of matter which compose your body are similar to the pearl. If, in your imagination you voyage inside a vibrating particle within your body you will observe Light, infinite existence and perfection. Here you are travelling towards the core—the birthplace—of your material body.

The very moment you feel compassion, create thoughts of goodness and demonstrate actions of kindness, you are living from your divine core. You are transformed and you are uplifted. You become a member of a higher frequency community and easily absorb the flooding in of divine consciousness.

What is occurring upon your planet at this time?

If you observe closely you will witness in humanity a profound inner turning to Light. The people of your planet are being lovingly imbued with a tremendous energy of divine origin which intensifies the Light of every cell of every individual body. How your inhabitants react to this inflow is based on how they wish to employ their free-will. This intensification of Light within your body cells, magnifies the divine consciousness always present within the individual. Thus it is here you witness the beginnings of individual and planetary upliftment. As your earth voluntarily and joyfully recognizes its initial and permanent position within holy creation, it makes ready for this upliftment. We, of other planets, systems and dimension who enjoy the environments of love and progress in all aspects of living, observe your planetary movement as a great wave, moving upwards to join us.

Hence, we ask you to reflect upon the following: Kindly understand that your physical bodies are suffused with divine Light which radiates both outwards and inwards. The more you remain in high mind and in wide heart, the more comfortable you will be in receiving the exquisite flooding in of divine consciousness now becoming more apparent within your world. Remain poised in peace, in harmony and in goodness to easily absorb this exquisite pouring through of Godly energies. Herein lies your precious contact with us, with the Great Ones and with each other. Hold true to your inner Light and you will be lifted up into the vast and eternal spaces of understanding, of loving fellowship and of greater learning.

Regiena Heringa
Institute for Spiritual Unfoldment and Interworld Studies (ISUIS)
Institut de l’épanouissement spirituel et des études intermondiales (IESEI)


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