Notes from the Light - December 2017

You are not Alone

You have never been alone, not on this planet nor within other planets, dimensions or universes. You have never been alone whether you have experienced lives in physicality or non-physicality. This is important to comprend now as your earth becomes increasingly alerted to its passage through more comprehensive, non-linear time and space.

There are several means by which we may explain this truth that you are never alone. As advanced thinkers in your societies have brought forward, sub-atomic particles in your material world as well as infinitesimal particles which shift endlessly from a material world to an immaterial one, are linked not only to other particles in your physicality, but also to the minutest vibrating particles found in multiple, material dimensions and universes. All physicality and non-physicality everywhere is linked.

In the non-material worlds of vibration, frequency and spiritual sound and light, there is a common thread which holds all non-physicality together. This common thread is Sacred Creation which is infinite and eternal. This Creation, through its Creator, ensures that life is impregnated with an impulse of pure and perfect origin. This impulse is identical in all life whether or not you can sense it, see it, smell it, touch it or taste it.

Furthermore, we, of higher frequency worlds of vibration, have within us the identical sacred impulse as you have within you. There is no separation for life is Life. Consequently, you are never alone; you are always accompanied by others, be they in your dimension or an other.

Hence, we ask you to let go of the idea you are isolated, that you are misunderstood or that you have been abandoned. These errant thoughts are simply “mind-play” and do not touch the true centre which is your soul. It is your soul which is the connector and the connection to this divine impulse found in life ever-lasting.

As the boundary between your earth and other dimensions and worlds dissipates, you recognize a wonderful opening of communication between your high consciousness and other existences. The visitations you now enjoy from refined frequency worlds are easier for you as you open in mind and in heart to the realization that you have never been alone. In truth, you have been guided since your very birth to live once again within an intergalactic, universal and cosmic family which has always known that you are part of a vast community of loving intelligence and progress.

As the time approaches for greater meetings between your earth family and our family which straddles various planets, galaxies and dimensions, we ask you to continue with your daily endeavour to remain true to the very essence of your spiritual self. Cultivate your soul’s expression of Love and inner Truth. Expand. Boundaries are simply ideas of separation. Yet, when ideas are rooted in the common ground of Love, separation vanishes and we all rejoice in the thrill of union and reunion.

Regiena Heringa


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