Notes from the Light - November 2017


The cells and the spaces between the cells in your bodies exude a sound which can be heard at higher levels of consciousness. The relay of this sound from your cells to the outer world exists for several reasons. The principle reason is to ensure an intercellular communication with your body and your material universe. It is to be remembered that your universe and beyond emit a sound which can be observed as the language of birth. Let us explain.

If you observe your cells at a finer, microscopic level, you witness that beyond the finest particles which compose your subatomic world, there is Light. This we have mentioned on many occasions. Within this Light is sound which emanates from the pure Love of God-Creator. Thus sound which emanates from your physical forms is anchored in the universal and the cosmic for they, too, as material creations are suffused with sound.

There is an important link between sound and harmony which we ask you to contemplate. As means of explanation, we invite you to experience the following exercise.

Close your eyes and become quiet inside your body and mind. Bring forth your loving nature and allow it to intensify. In the expansion of this love, you will begin to experience a resonance which increases and perhaps a humming sensation within the light of your cellular body. With a little practice you will become quite an expert in this field! You then realize that not only your own physical body but others of your earth and other higher frequency dimensions and worlds also enjoy the same sound. This is so, for all of life resonates to an identical frequency of pure Divine Love. This is cosmic harmony.

From space, we observe that your planet continues to wobble, as earth events continue to demonstrate a pull to planetary harmony and a pull to planetary discord. However, kindly recall that life is harmonious in nature and that all which is uprooted is planted once again.

Your dedication to leading lives filled with good intention and generous heart is essential in nurturing the wondrous matrices of light, of sound and of love around your planet. It may surprise you to know that these magnificent matrices of God-Sound-Light have always surrounded your globe, and indeed, they are a part of your planet. This is so, for your very earth was created from these matrices and they have been maintained and expanded by many of us in other worlds, those of us who walk among you and by your own citizens. These formations ensure a harmonious linking between your inhabitants’ sacredness and their advancement in the universe. These matrices exude the identical sound heard in your own bodies, this sound of eternal and infinite creation of which you are a part.

Hence, we ask you to explore the holy sound which vibrates within you. Every moment you are aware of and immersed in your loving nature, you are within the birthplace of this sacred sound which links you to your divine self, to your neighbour, to your world and to ours.

Regiena Heringa


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