Notes from the Light - October 2017

Tendencies and Patterns

There lies within every human upon your earth a mark of destiny which is directed from the soul—the inner Self of an individual. This destiny can be seen as a “spiritual program” which alerts individuals of their life purpose and guides the direction of their daily lives. At times this direction can be observed as tendencies from other lifetimes understood in your linear time as past experiences.

It is important to examine the role and the characteristics of your personal tendencies. Through these tendencies and their patterns, you glean your life’s path and comprehend how this pathway helps clarify your life’s purpose upon your planet.

There are personal tendencies and universal tendencies. Let us explain.

In assuming a personal identity when you are born, you also bring with you a universal and cosmic identity which is founded on the supreme creative principle of Love. This quintessential Love demonstrates inclusiveness and oneness and gathers all worlds and universes into the singular expression of the God-Force. Thus, it is from this naturally expanded state that you are placed into human form. Here you assume a physical state which you perceive as limited. Little by little you become mesmerized by the physicality of your body, of your earth, time and space. You begin to lead lives of material tendencies and patterns only, forgetting the foremost realization that your origins are divine.

Increasingly, your Planet Earth and its people are unfolding to a greater and more inclusive reality of being and doing. You and your world are opening up to the initial and true destiny of existence. You are consciously re-claiming, with enthusiasm and open heart, the profound awareness that, above all else, you are divinely created, not restricted to a material world. In acknowledging this truth, you gain access once again to your universal destiny. You thus begin to cultivate tendances and patterns which reflect this sacred destiny and you joyfully experience your holy nature in all aspects of your material and non-material existence.

It is here you begin to observe a fine unity of thought, word, and feeling which underscores all your actions and creativity. You, your soul, your tendencies, your destiny, your world and universe and the cosmos itself now come together as one.

Hence, we ask you to contemplate the following: as your world and planet become whole and unfold to the splendour of their essence, inviting other worlds and dimensions to gather, so are you graciously and intelligently unfolding to the very splendour of your own beings. Kindly remember that you and your world are moving from a personal and restrictive identity to one of universality and expansion.

All life continually spirals upwards to communicate more harmonious and nobler ideas and actions for that is the inherent language of creation. We ask you, thus, to review the tendencies and patterns in your everyday life and, if necessary, re-adjust your life’s path to bring forth this exquisite enlightenment which lies before you and within you.

Regiena Heringa


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