Notes from the Light - September 2017

We Express our Gratitude

Within the myriad of worlds in various states of being, exists a magnificent unifying Force which links world to world, heart to heart, atom to atom and light particle to spiritual Light particle. No matter the dimensions, be they in your space and time or beyond, this eternal and marvellous Force of Love is the common denominator which binds all life.

When you open your eyes in the morning to see the light fall upon a tree or witness the bird on the wing or the sweet silence of your inner sacredness, you consciously realize that all life, visible and invisible to the human eye, is bonded to the magnificent power of pure Love.

We acknowledge that your world is trembling and transforming, for its very foundation is in profound change. This planetary time is now witnessing historical changes from the very core of your Planet Earth to the very core of your own consciousness. These transformations are being observed, monitored and reviewed by many of us from various planets, worlds, galaxies and dimensions.

Yet, throughout these continuous changes in philosophies, ideologies, technologies, economics and environments, you have remained sincere to your inner divine essence. In truth, you have increased your determination and commitment to living and demonstrating the goodness in all life. Thus you remain true to the sacred Source which vibrates so eloquently within you. For this we express our gratitude and happily increase our contact.

Kindly recall that your Planet Earth, as it throws off its covering of darkness and mis-alignment, is becoming physically, energetically and spiritually a great meeting place of universal peace. Let us explain.

Within your immediate solar system, its “Milky Way” as you name it, and its neighbouring galaxies, are communities of beings such as ourselves, who are in some measure similar to your own human forms. We have existed for a very long time, travelling, joyfully exploring and intelligently playing within universes of Light. For many centuries we have be waiting for an era when your Planet Earth is once again resurrected—uplifted—and brought into a vast fraternity of Light. It has been known for a very long time that your earth’s destiny is to become a sacred meeting place for the myriad of worlds which inhabit your space and other space beyond your present comprehension.

Thus you have been observed, loved and counselled for thousands of years of your time. Now we witness the fruit of your fine and sacred intention, dedication and action as your world gently turns towards us.

Hence, we wish to thank you for your tenacity to remain in the universal truth which is Love. Kindly remember that where there is Love there is truth and where there is truth there is forever Love.

Within that perfect point of Divine vibration wherein all exists, lies also our gratitude for your valiant and clear efforts to ensure that your exquisite Planet Earth becomes the meeting place for other worlds to further knowledge, learning and sacred fellowship.

Regiena Heringa


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