Notes from the Light - December 2016

Soul Language and Planetary and Universal Community

In our previous message (see Notes from the Light November 2016) it was understood that the power revealed in streamlining energy is amplified within every human being through the union of awareness, thought, feeling, word and deed. This is so, for the reunion of sacred natures of your citizens increases the spiritual impact in your world and encourages each individual to deepen and to flourish. This flourishing of accomplishment incites the soul to vibrate with the love of divine fulfillment. Let us explain.

All souls resonate inside the human body as well as beyond it. This is so, for soul, spirit, energy and love own no specific and hence limiting location. In this message, however, we shall speak of the individual soul within the physical body. The soul carries the innate impetus to resonate to the frequency of Divine Love. In truth, the essence of soul is sacred frequency and desires to radiate this frequency to the outer world. This action of soul radiance to the outer world is the paramount reason for the existence of humankind upon you earth.

Your citizens are beginning to listen to the language of their souls and in so doing, they are choosing another journey. They are moving into another dimension — another world and another reality. They are beginning to understand that building their lives on the foundation of Love automatically brings them to a place of multidimensionality and well beyond it. Individuals who are immersed in the dialogue of their souls—Love—are transported into an inner world of all-ness which lies beyond the physical journeying of worlds and dimensions. It is also to be observed that the translation of soul language into a material world is Light. As your people awaken to their soul language they realize that their physical world has become a point in space and time to exercise, refine and outwardly affirm their inner, divine expression.

You are now also witnessing the significant meeting up of energies—the attraction of soul language of one individual to another and then to a multitude. In this manner, those living in the Love of the Source, unified with others in communities and nations, are gathering strength and consequently ensuring an increased influence upon your planet. The awakening of one citizen effortlessly cultivates the awakening of many, for the fields of awareness and perception enlarge substantially as the people in your world increasingly unfold to soul language. Heightened awareness of greater worlds and dimensions within you continues to increase as you notice, integrate and continually employ the language of your soul—Love. It is to be remembered that Love incorporates all physical expression and, indeed, births all life, material and non-material.

As you increasingly live your soul language you gain greater entry into Light. Both Love and Light are beyond any dimension. Hence you, as an awakened divine essence and being, have the opportunity—the divine right— to greater exploration of vaster fields of mind and heart.

Those who insist on living in shadow limit their travels beyond the physical realm. Therefore, although you may witness destruction upon your earth, it is contained and continues to be monitored by star systems and dimensions wherein many of us dwell.

Kindly remember that the essence of all life is Love. Your primary purpose upon your good earth is to explore, treasure and emulate this Love and instruct others who are willing to transform. You are presently witnessing a divine reunion of souls in your world and this action attracts beings and intelligences of highly sacred vibrational communities. These numerous communities together with those upon your planet articulating soul language, create a strengthening force of goodness and influence. Your world is being transformed.

There will come a day when you earth will no longer live in the darkness of the night. You may say, “How is this possible? How can I live upon a planet which has no night?” We lovingly reply, “When you become Light the night is no longer necessary.”

Regiena Heringa


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