Notes from the Light - March 2016

Love, Light and the Heart

Dear gentle people of this world, you may well ask the question, “What is it that nourishes my Heart?”

As you are well aware, in physicality there is forever a corresponding spiritual component. In truth, the material world and its positioning is fundamentally of spiritual origin. The event which can be observed between a spiritual expression and its corresponding physical manifestation, is Light. We speak here of Divine Light which may seem to ressemble the physical light in your world, but differs in origin.

If you explore the physical component of your heart and voyage through to other planes of manifestation what do you witness? Surely you begin by admiring the intelligent complexities of your heart’s construction and functioning, its vast pathways, its intercellulaire communication and engineering as well as its many other features. Should you continue to explore this organ at a finer level, voyaging through atoms and diminutive vibrational particles, you come to a place of Light, for within all physical particles Light resides. This Light, being of divine origin, has no specific place or location. It seems lodged in the minutest physical particle of vibrating matter yet under no circumstance is this Light limited to that space, nor to any other space or time, be it in your world or ours.

As you continue to travel through this Light, you find yourself in a place which can be seen as infinity, a place of allness and nothingness. It is here you recognize the state of perfection which is pure, quintessential Love. In your language, this may be termed as the Christ state, for it is here you are imbued with the magnificent eternal force, origin of all life—visible and invisible—found in all universes, in your cosmos and beyond it.

Hence, if we move forward in this journey from the infinite force and fabric of existence—Love—we realize that Light is the movement, imbued in Love, which carries this Love into the various expressions found throughout all life. Light, pure and divine, is the carrier of physical life. It is the basic structure, founded upon Love which announces the possibility of physical manifestation. Hence, the greatest opening now being presented to your citizens upon your earth is the opportunity to realize that you are perfect beings impeccably aligned in Love. It is here you acknowledge your structure as Light. It is from this stance that you create and maintain a material form, the body-temple, a direct physical template of loving Light.

Hence, we ask you to consider how you nourish your Heart. Is your Heart filled with gratitude, wonderment, compassion and gentleness? When you close your eyes, do you recall this Light of Love? Will you unite your higher Mind and Heart in sacredness? Do you sense the beauty of harmony and appreciate and treasure your good selves?

Gentle people of this sphere, kindly remember that all life, visible and invisible, is rooted in pure Divine Love— Creator of Life. Should you stray, we promise you that it is Love which will refresh you and bring you Home.


Regiena Heringa


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