Notes from the Light - February 2016

The Changing Material Laws

Like the great tides which embellish your world, the nature of your energy patterns upon your good earth follow similar patterns of ebb and flow—patterns of moving upwards, cresting and moving downwards. In your dimension, there seems to be no stable point at the summit of the cresting. To your minds, you understand that all which moves up must, by the law of gravity of your world, fall back down to your earth. Indeed this is so in your physicality. However, it is to be remembered that your material world is shifting, moving upwards into a greater expression of life. Hence, the physical laws of your world are also transforming.

We have spoken in times past of the increased refinement of your senses, how more elegant your sight and hearing are becoming as you acknowledge your heritage as divinely created beings. What you witness upon your planet in its physical dimension is being transcended. Consequently, gravity, which fixes your material world, is also changing. As you anchor your hearts and minds more deeply in sacred Divinity, you will experience a greater freedom. This is so, for, as you heighten in vibration, you experience a decreased impact of the physical parameters which define and contain your material world.

We invite you to reflect upon this subject in the following manner.

You may say that your earth is assuming a higher frequency and hence, the material laws of your world mimic this frequency and are reshaping it. Or, you may say that your world, in its adaptation to a greater frequency, is leaving behind certain physical laws which for eons, although not always, have been the constructs of a third-dimensional world. The first observation demonstrates unity—the complete ascension of earth—and the second observation demonstrates duality—parts of the earth which move into higher frequency and others which remain anchored in the physical reality of your present world. Both viewpoints can be seen as accurate.

In truth you, fine people of Earth, due to your loving desire to become refined light-beings, are moving from a world of ebb and flow to a world of stable, divine frequencies. More and more you will observe that as you move higher into holy thought, open heart and world service, you will be transported upwards, crest and from that platform continue to travel upwards. You will no longer fall back.

The tremendous energies of loving kindness are being radiated to you from the many, many worlds and dimensions of Christ Light and Christ Mind. You are being assisted so that you may understand and enjoy the truth that once you are on the summit of a great wave of spiritual expression, you are then lifted higher into oceans of expansion and realization.

All that is asked of you, fine inhabitants of this garden planet, is to cultivate the brilliance of your soul which has been shining through you since your very first sojourn upon this world. Remain truthful to your divine inner expression and love, love, love.


Regiena Heringa


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