Notes from the Light - October 2015

The Uniqueness of Creation

All creation has individual markings. These are patterns which identify the uniqueness of each living thing which include plant, rock, animal, and human. You have often heard that each snowflake and each fingerprint is unique and that each thought pattern carries its own distinctive imprint, and this is so.

Although you may observe through your human vision that all plants or birds of the same species are identical this is not so. As surprising as it may seem to you, creation in your world is unique. How is this so? Why is this so?

It is to be remembered that life upon your world can be witnessed as both individual and unified expressions which, in truth, harbour no separation. In a genuine well-balanced life, the individual component of creation flows forth from sacred unity and together they form a harmonious whole. Let us explain.

All life vibrates within the glory of the love and intelligence of the great Divine. Here, there is no separation for, as paradoxical as it may seem, all life exists only with this holy vibration. Hence, existence is a unified field within the sacred vibration of the Creator. However, within this unity there also exists uniqueness, for life is created with individual imprints. The beings you name as those of light— the immortals, the angels and the ascended ones—are unified within a perfect, sacred vibration and yet each presence may also demonstrate its individuality.

What is the purpose of unique imprints and patterns in life? Why are creations not identical?

To answer these questions, the topics of free-will and empowerment need to be addressed.

The gift of free-will is offered to you so that you may voluntarily create thoughts, emotions, words and actions which glorify all life. In employing self-determination in such a manner, you become conscious of a magnificent empowerment which brings you into the realm of noble creation so that you may assist in the healthy social, economic, creative, educational and scientific progress of all your citizens. Here you witness the birthing of a collective in light wherein each individual, sacred and unique, contributes to the joyful and intelligent advancement of life. If all creation were identical, the impetus for employing free-will and individual creative genius would waver.

Hence we ask you, cherished people of this plane, to reflect on your uniqueness and, in so doing, on how you can be of service to those in your world. Realize that each thought you create houses a unique pattern and that your entire vibratory stance is distinct. Your vibrational imprint, which transform and refines as you move closer to the language of your soul, not only radiates within your beings, your homes, nations and planet, but it also extends outwards into the universe as a distinctive creation.

It is to be remembered that the beauty and uniqueness of the flower you delight in, is the echo of your own loveliness and distinctiveness which resonates within the exquisite and infinite presence of God.

Regiena Heringa
Institute for Spiritual Unfoldment and Interworld Studies (ISUIS)
Institut de l’épanouissement spirituel et des études intermondiales (IESEI)


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