Notes from the Light - September 2015

True Reality

When you look upon the splendour and the glory of an early morning sunrise, do you not stop all human thought to simply breathe in the loveliness of the scene? When you listen to a musical composition which lifts you to a place within to touch the very essence of love, beauty and compassion, do you not feel a greater experience which moves you out and away from your daily thoughts and activities?

Many in your world may ridicule you by stating that you are escaping reality. However, we ask you this: what is reality and, what indeed, is your reality? Is reality an environment which you bow to, or is it one which you soulfully create? There are many realities and the birthplace of these realities lies within each person. How these realities are brought forth and developed in collaboration with the Divine Spirit are based on several variables which include the individual’s use of free will, and the individual and collective progress on the spiritual path. Let us explain.

True reality is the vibrational field as set out by the Divine Creator. It houses perfect love, perfect light and perfect manifestation no matter the world or plane of existence, material or immaterial. This true reality is the stuff which holds all physical matter together in loving order. It lies within the very core of each particle of vibrating matter, for within every cell of your physical bodies this reality is existent. It is infinite, immutable and perfect and no thing or being can modify it. However, all individuals, being continually immersed in this true reality, can consciously reclaim their birthright by choosing to move towards this perfect reality to rediscover its perfect territory, and to joyfully live within it.

In this time upon your fine earth, there are realities which are colliding, each forcibly trying to become the supreme reality. In this mobile confusion of attempting to dominate, you may witness clusters of communities—collectives—which gravitate towards a common reality, be it of obscurity or of light.

Kindly reflect on the following: the various realities founded on obscurity demonstrate that the free-will of the individual has been weakened. However, those various realities founded on light, heighten the individual’s voluntary desire to meld with the true reality. Hence, this individual purposely creates pathways of distinct and collective realities based on the all-encompassing true reality of divine perfection. We ask you, therefore, people of the Planet Earth, to contemplate which realities you wish to bow to or which realities you wish to bring into being.

It has been stated before that your world and your people of light, so cherished by us and the many dimensional communities of sacredness and holy power, will be elevated to a greater sphere of peaceful exploration and understanding within true reality. Will you come with us? Will you join us in heart and in mind so that together we may enjoy the beauty of the sunrise and celebrate our friendship within the universal community of the Creator?

We ask you to treasure you divine nature. Celebrate your goodness and remain vigilant to the understanding that each breath you take is a reminder of your life founded on the gracious stance of true reality.

Regiena Heringa
Institute for Spiritual Unfoldment and Interworld Studies (ISUIS)
Institut de l’épanouissement spirituel et des études intermondiales (IESEI)


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