Notes from the Light - August 2015

Audio Exercise: You are Cherished

You are Cherished

Dear loving and kind people of Planet Earth, we ask you to release concerns of any abandonment you may harbour. The worlds of Light and understanding have always held you to their hearts in loving friendship and community and will continue to do so.

If you look into the very heart of the flickering flame which burns from your candle, you will recognize within its core a steady, solid and indestructible light which will never be extinguished, even if the flame itself is blown out and no longer visible through your physical vision. The energy imprint remains.

Kindly understand that the essence of all Light, life, love and understanding housed within your very soul will not be extinguished. This cannot be so, for the quintessence of your soul is Light. As the shadow seemingly lengthens upon your world, the brilliance of Light and victory strengthens.

“How do I know this?” you might ask. The answer is elementary, for the elegance of Light is demonstrated by Its simplicity. Allow yourselves the opportunity to sit quietly and gently feel the beauty and the power which reside within you. Strengthen the inner knowingness that you are a member of a vast and loving universe which holds you and encourages you to participate in its community. Take stock of the refined thoughts and emotions that pulsate within you. Celebrate your understanding of divine creation.

It is to be remembered that throughout the universes and the multiple dimensions and spheres of existence, a common denominator exists. This common foundation vibrates brilliance, love, intelligence and unfoldment within all life, from the smallest particle of material matter to the greatest vibrations of immaterial life which yet escape the scrutiny and dissection of your technology.

Look into the palm of your hand and discover the many lines—the pathways—which cross-cross there. Feel within these lines and patterns a sense of accomplishment, of progress and of adventure. With your awareness and imagination, pretend that you are travelling some of these markings and imagine that these pathways continue on beyond the physical profile of your hand into infinity. Here you may comprehend that your physical body is not a restrained vehicle, but that it voyages through its energy imprint to behold and experience more expansive and vaster worlds.

Do you realize, loving people of this blue planet, how very precious you are to us all? Can you understand how every thought you create and fill with gracious feeling warms our hearts and those of the many vibratory worlds dancing in friendship and peace? Can you thus comprehend that you, as dedicated individuals to the upliftment of your citizens and your earth, are leading your nations to a noble destiny? You are the pioneers, the wise and loving instruments of Light and earthly transformation.

You have never been abandoned. You have always been guided and cherished. The shadow may grow long upon you earth, but it also grow thin. Through it burns the steady flame of your individual and collective sacred Light. Hence, remain steadfast, true and immovable within the God of creation wherein you dwell and have your being.

Regiena Heringa
Institute for Spiritual Unfoldment and Interworld Studies (ISUIS)
Institut de l’épanouissement spirituel et des études intermondiales (IESEI)


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