Notes from the Light - July 2015

Line, Space and Mind

There is much to be said in your world concerning line, space and mind. If, for example, you view the inside of a triangle, you have two ways of experiencing its interior. You may travel with your eyes around the inside line of this form, and, with your awareness, experience limitation or, through your imagination, which naturally expands your mind, you may travel inside and through this closed form towards other possibilities. Hence, line and space are excellent teachers for you, people of this fine world, to help you gage and develop the potential of your mind.

Let us explain in using this small example.

Imagine that you have a blank paper upon which you draw a vertical line which equally divides your paper. Your first observation may be that you have created a division—two equal segments. However, as you turn your paper on its side, you may have a different experience. Suddenly there appears in your mind the sensation of expansion, of wider possibility. This same line which you have purposely and voluntarily shifted from a vertical to a horizontal position, may have changed your experience of line, space and mind.

We speak today upon this subject so that you have the opportunity to monitor the awareness of your thoughts. We ask you to contemplate the following: are the structures of your thoughts confined to closed repetitive patterns which hinder your spiritual and social development? Are the spaces between your thoughts filled with grace and love for the Creator and all creation? Do your good thoughts which emerge from your inner divine origin move as an opening spiral touching all life around you, within you, and beyond you, meeting and greeting the marvellous sacredness of existence with other realms and dimensions? Yes, indeed, line and space found upon your world flow beyond it and into other vibratory worlds. This is so, for these configurations of lines and spaces, although modified to accommodate other realities, constitute a part of a great universal language.

Hence, we ask you to remember that the designs of lines and spaces which are found in all life upon your plant offer you the opportunity to learn and to advance. To the limited mind, these configurations are understood as restrictive and static patterns of expression. To the more aware and expansive mind, these same lines and spaces are stepping stones to a greater understanding of universal communication and way of life.

Humankind is evolving towards a more expansive spiritual, physical and intellectual existence, for that is the destiny of your world. To help humankind on its way, certain teachings are being presented to your people. Here, in this message, we ask you to consider your conscious relationship between line and space and how these attributes modify and advance your thinking and consequently, your being. Kindly remember that the more expansive the mind and heart, the deeper the space and the more magnificent and ephemeral the line.

Regiena Heringa
Institute for Spiritual Unfoldment and Interworld Studies (ISUIS)
Institut de l’épanouissement spirituel et des études intermondiales (IESEI)


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