Notes from the Light - June 2015

Thank you for your Spiritual Dedication

Kind people of this blue planet in transition, it is with tremendous love and fellowship that we thank you for such a fine commitment you are demonstrating to the worlds of gentleness, compassion and unity.

Yes, indeed, there is a powerful movement by forces of great shadow. However, as witnessed in the past history of your planet, these forces of separation will disappear under the waves of immense light and power which are sweeping your world. We can assure you of this.

It is to be remembered that the inner, microscopic world is truly reflected in the outer macroscopic world. Hence, the love and kindness you touch and nurture within your sacred self is automatically released to the outside world, if you will allow it to be so.

There are great steps which are being undertaken for the wholesome advancement of every discipline within your societies. These can be observed through the development of fine spiritual understanding and extensive research and progress in science, technology, medicine, economics and the many other domains that compose your world. These many discoveries and realizations which are being observed, accepted and developed upon your planet are rooted in the spiritual expression of your inner beings. The deeper your link to the divine core within, the more expansive your relationships to higher vibrational worlds and their loving friendships. You are being helped by many of us who have a more comprehensive understanding of your world and who eagerly await your association.

All thoughts, feelings and actions birthed within the language of love by your people, are carefully noted by the greater forces of good and light. Living the language of love indicates the spiritual advancement of individuals and prepares them for communication and friendship with magnificent communities dwelling in other spheres and dimensions.

Within each individual upon your planet, lie certain codes and patterns which indicate who are you, for they represent your divine birthright. These may remain latent or become active. You are completely at liberty, through the use of your own free will, how you wish to utilize these precious codes and patterns.

Let us present you with this simple illustration. Imagine that you are walking into a burnt forest and you exclaim, “How this forest lies in ruin!” However, here and there you discover pockets of flowers. At this very moment you are asked to choose between two possibilities of attention: to concentrate on the charred forest or on the grace of new life. Should you choose the beauty of the flowers, you have automatically selected to touch your divine core and to live from that essence, for beauty is the language of light. Hence, you have activated the divine codes and patterns within you. These inherently connect you to worlds of significant spiritual expression and lift you up to more expansive ways of being, learning and creating.

Therefore, with deep friendship from within our hearts, we thank you for your splendid dedication to spiritual advancement. It is through your commitment to all that is good and sacred that your world, our world and the many refined and noble universes may come together to celebrate this new life in an expansive community of the highest divine order.

Regiena Heringa
Institute for Spiritual Unfoldment and Interworld Studies (ISUIS)
Institut de l’épanouissement spirituel et des études intermondiales (IESEI)


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