Notes from the Light - May 2015

Anchor, Opening and Transformation

Gracious people of this world, the task at hand is a simple one. It invites you to remain within the very centre of your divine essence, in mind, heart and body, for there is nowhere else outside yourself to go. It may seem to you, in your third-dimensional world, that you need to follow a direction, whether up or down, in or out or side to side. Yet these outward movements are simply external symbols of your inner growth, unfoldment, development and transformation.

Let us explain.

The essence of all vibration houses both an anchor and an opening. The divine core of the Source which anchors dimensions, worlds, and a diversity of life presently unknown upon your earth, also bestows openings. If, for example, you gaze upon a field lit up by your sun, you will notice that the field is anchored in the sun and an opening is created for this field to change. Indeed, the field does not possess human consciousness. Yet, in its own way it displays transformation.

It has been said in your world that change is the nature of the universe. If this is so, kindly comprehend the following: all life is fundamentally and perpetually anchored in the divine core-essence which you may observe in your material world as particles of pure light. This anchoring gives you the security and hence, the impetus to explore the opening within which incites change and transformation. In this manner, individuals progress and advance upon their spiritual path. Beings in other worlds and dimensions whom you regard as immortals, living beyond the current understanding of your physics, continue to progress through the opening presented to them within the Divine anchor. This is so, for all life is in perpetual transformation and that which may seem perfect to you in your concept of perfection, is simply an expression of exquisite sacredness which will continue to be refined. It is to be remembered that all life evolves from the state of density to that of refinement and from the stance of disparity to that of unity.

Hence, we ask you to consider the following: when next you experience the inner quietness of sacred life, expand within this God-Force and anchor to It. You will easily recognize this holy and unified state for the loving connection with God and with all life is greatly amplified. From this place, a delightful sensation of opening will be presented to you and it will lead you to wondrous change and upliftment. Here, then, is an exquisite opportunity for you to experience the transmutation into a higher vibrational position. It is to be remembered that all transformation which results from a perfect union of sacred anchor and opening, originates in Light.

Imagine you are walking on the shoreline of an illuminating and quiet sea and you gently place your feet in its waters. Pretend that this water is the divine anchor and that you are within it. An opening in your mind and heart is automatically presented to you for exploration, if you so wish it. Therefore, while you are walking in this impressive sea ask yourself, “What is it that I wish to investigate here and why? What do I wish to explore above, within and below its waters? What is this feeling I experience in being one with the sea?”

We invite you also to reflect on the following questions: How do I wish to grow into a more refined expression of who I am? Firmly anchored in the divine Source, how may I become a radiant and universal being of service to celebrate new and majestic opportunities for all citizens upon this earth?

Creation is sacred and all life upon your planet is planted within the Divine core. Hence, fine people of this transformational earth, you may take the responsibility, if you so choose, to move into this inner holy anchor, explore its opening and progress upwards to greater love, expansion and realization. Transforming into a nobler way of being and doing is the ascensional path freely given to all. It is here you discover the true nature of change.

Regiena Heringa
Institute for Spiritual Unfoldment and Interworld Studies (ISUIS)
Institut de l’épanouissement spirituel et des études intermondiales (IESEI)


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