Notes from the Light - April 2015

Part Two - Inner and Outer Matter (Sound)

In our previous message, certain concepts were presented to assist you in understanding the nature of particles of matter within the body. In your third-dimensional world, Light is the creative impulse and manifestation of physicality and Love the underpinning of this Light. It was proposed that sound is a refined manner of gathering of particles to form physical patterns.

Let us now then continue.

Your material universe abounds with vibrations of colour-in-light, some perceived by human vision and others lying beyond it. What role, then, does colour play in the manifestation of physical matter?

To answer this question, you are reminded that all life holds within itself unity and individuality. To your perspective, the divine Creator can be understood as the perfect universal and cosmic presence of love and intelligence. Your people are divine creations issuing from this sacred universality. As you increasingly participate in this present planetary awakening of all aspects of creation, you recognize that you carry within yourself both the individual and cosmic identities of God-essence. Once you have acknowledged this, you then willingly rest in this God-essence and, through personal expression and action, serve humankind by inciting the outward flow of this divine core.

In your material world, the amalgamation of individual strands and vibrations of colour can be observed as white— pure core Light. This Light embraces the unity of matter. Colour, as the partitioning of this universal Light, demonstrates the existence of individuality in matter.

Let us present you with a simple illustration.

Imagine that you are gazing over a field of snow brightly lit by the sun. The snow, as seen in its entirety is white and yet its separate parts sparkle in various colours. Here you observe both the expressions of unity and individuality.

Hence the role of colour in your physical world is to allow you to explore individual structures and viewpoints to promote spiritual, emotional and intellectual progress.

It can thus be observed that sound is the gatherer of particles to create physical patterns and colour is the initiator of physical individuality.

Of what importance is this information to you daily existence?

Kindly realize that your first and eternal position in life is within Love—the unifying force of all creation which impulses life. From here, through your physicality, you explore, create, individualize, unify and progress upwards and inwards.

All life in your dimension advances from density to transparency and from disparity to union. Hence, the lighter and purer the sounds you listen to and develop in your inner meditations and reflections, the more your physical body, mind and emotions resonate to finer translucent patterns of existence. These, in turn, create sympathetic vibrations with other refined patterns of life found within and upon your planet as well as in other dimensional worlds. As you allow the radiance of the core white Light to permeate the various colours that make up your material body and world, you will observe that you are automatically transported into God-essence unity.

In truth, you move from a third-dimensional reality to an all-dimensional reality.

Hence, we ask you to create great beauty within your thoughts and your emotions. Spend time falling into the colours of light that you see all around you in your physical world and allow pure core Light to infuse your awareness. Listen to the sounds that come from the air around you. Sit quietly in your inner sacredness of Love and allow joyful sound to spring up. Sense marvellous patterns and colours that arise from the rhythm of your own divine heart, as you begin to hear sound, and sense colours and patterns which demonstrate your individual and universal identities.

Your spiritual nature is a loveliness which suffuses all life. Therefore, encourage wholesome unity between your inner-self body and your outer-self body. It is to be remembered that each good thought and each kind action magnify gladness upon your good earth.

Regiena Heringa
Institute for Spiritual Unfoldment and Interworld Studies (ISUIS)
Institut de l’épanouissement spirituel et des études intermondiales (IESEI)


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