Notes from the Light - December 2014

With the grace, elegance, love and intelligence found within this divine Source wherein you dwell, so much can be accomplished by humankind. Deeper understanding of your present world, enhanced creativity, greater spiritual progress and significant scientific advancement are offered to you, if you will choose to live in union with universal light and love.

As you well know, this great unity now establishing and extending itself within your hearts, minds and nations, carries with it tremendous power. We speak here of the angelic, brilliant vibrations of purity and genius. This sacred wholeness is a joining of peoples, animals, plants, rocks, seeds— indeed the coming together of all life upon your world— to ensure that the initial light, essence of all material existence, can be once again be brought forward.

Let us call upon your imagination.

Look at a book in front of you and observe its physical structure. Imagine that the material design of the book disappears and all you see is its framework of light. Observe how this framework enlarges and becomes the entire structure of the book. Imagine now that the physical aspect of the book slowly takes shape through this light form. This is an illustration of observing a material element emerging from its initial form as light.

Physical structures in your dimension are imbued with light. Each molecule houses within itself a perfect light source which can be directed to ensure that the physical cells within the body are kept whole and perfect.

This exercise of light and physical structure illustrated by your book exercise, can also be transferred to your mind and to the thoughts you create. It is to be remembered that all in your world is energy and this energy can be observed in the material universe as light.

Let us once again call upon your imagination.

Create a thought which contains goodness such as, “The beauty of this snowflake is wondrous to behold.” Feel the truth of this thought within you and how this thought delights you. Now, imagine the accompanying light structure of this thought. Expand beyond the perimeters of the linear mind and voyage within the very essence of this thought of goodness so that its light structure appears in you mind. You will discover that this light composition is very beautiful for it illustrates a perfect alignment of the thought you have created, your own divine essence and the outer world. In a manner of speaking, you have beautified the world, for the energy you have used to create this perfect thought directs pure light everywhere and thus uplifts all creation.

We invite you to also play with other thoughts you create and remain mindful of the light constructs which accompany them. In so doing, you will observe that the greatest joy is creating loving thoughts for the physical and spiritual benefit for all your citizens. In truth, you, through your own free will, decide on the quality of light you wish to radiate through your body to the outer world.

The light emanating from your physical body is the same light which radiates from the higher vibrational planes of the angelic realms. Hence, we ask you to consider the following: kindly uplift your body and spirit by creating and living thoughts of love. In so doing, you ask the greater worlds of spiritual realization which lie beyond and within your very own, to visit with you. Thus all may celebrate in the fine and perfect unity founded on the Creator’s blessing.

No matter what obscurity you may witness at this time upon your planet, the splendid and vibrant powers of wondrous worlds of sacred beauty are being felt and made visible to all those upon your earth who have chosen to live in the Christ Light of the universe.

Regiena Heringa
Institute for Spiritual Unfoldment and Interworld Studies (ISUIS)
Institut de l’épanouissement spirituel et des études intermondiales (IESEI)


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