Notes from the Light - November 2014

Think not that the apple you may hold in you hand is simply a form contained within the skeletal framework of your hand and fingers. Think not that your physical environment, indeed your physical body and all that exists in your material world, is limited to your sense of seeing and touching. This only appears to be so for your world is in an enclosure.

What do we indicate by this?

Everything upon your earth is perceived as being in an enclosed field. All has its place; thought advances in linear fashion as do the steps you take and the food that you ingest. This sense of predictability and confinement encourages your feeling of security and furthers your understanding of the third -dimensional world wherein you dwell.

But we lovingly caution you all.

Your world of enclosure is pulling itself outwards and upwards for nothing in existence is truly contained and predictable. The very nature of life is growth, expansion, creativity and progress and this is experienced in all worlds and universes, material or immaterial. The majestic and all powerful force of sacred love and infinite intelligence, Creator of Life, is an expansive, comprehensive and infinite Source which asks only that Its creations, through their own free will, emulate in daily life, Its divine expression.

Hence, we request that you voyage beyond the initial ordinary thought you create so that a greater spiritual understanding of life can be cultivated. The more expansive the thought, the greater the conscious and joyful union with the Source wherein you also dwell.

Let us then suggest the following to you: when next you have an apple in your hand, replace linear thinking with a heightened sense of awareness. Feel the vibrancy of this fruit and allow it to flow through your hand as the vibrations of your hand and fingers flow through the apple. Begin then to construct thoughts of upliftment for the apple, your hand and life beyond your personal identity. Here are some examples of expanding thinking: How very beautiful to sense the pulsation in this apple. I am aware of the God vibration within each of its molecules. I close my eyes and feel this sacred vibration moving through this fruit, through my hand and my entire my physical body. This same resonance infuses my entire being and swirls through the multitude of fruit that beautifies this earth. I am filled with gratitude for sensing this vibrant community and extend my thankfulness and understanding to all the earth, within it and beyond it.

Thought-exercises such as these have a remarkable influence on your personal life, on the inhabitants of your earth and within the nations of your world.

You are Leaders of Light. All is at your disposal to encourage the upliftment, the expansion and the freedom of your earth, for love and liberty dance hand-in-hand. As you well realize, your planet is part of a greater grouping of worlds and organizations solidly founded on sacred vibration and pursuing interests in the many fields of science, technology and culture. These worlds assist you by opening up pathways to spiritually eager individuals upon your planet and by inspiring those leaders in your communities who base their lives on the common good. In this manner, your earth is being lovingly yet firmly directed to emulate the expression of the Great Divine One.

Hence, contemplate your stance as a Leader of Light and realize how your happiness increases in knowing that you are with us participating in a vast membership of worlds and societies vibrating in Christ Light.

Kindly remember that you are expanding, sharing and merging with all that promotes spiritual advancement and celebrates fine achievement. Indeed, the concepts of enclosure and containment belong to a society just beginning to learn. You, on the other hand, as Leaders of Light, have moved upwards beyond the confines of human thought. It is here you celebrate the realization that you are beings of infinite love, enthusiastically linking to the universal and sacred resonance of holy and intelligent life.

You are well on your way.

Regiena Heringa
Institute for Spiritual Unfoldment and Interworld Studies (ISUIS)
Institut de l’épanouissement spirituel et des études intermondiales (IESEI)


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