Notes from the Light - May 2014

The days of your world are being brought to a close. These days of uncertainty, imbalance and unsoundness are being transformed and directed to a greater, more expansive and complete world. In this manner your nations can more fully participate in a majestic collective, shaped by other worlds and dimensions which, in turn, are members of a resplendent and sacred galactic, intergalactic and inter-dimensional community. It is to be remembered that life intrinsically and perpetually moves forward in its development, furthering its creative expression and ensuing accomplishment. This includes thought, feeling, consciousness and physical transformation.

Although you may view your planet as a struggle between order and anarchy and between peace and fear, there is an all encompassing plan which oversees all human effort. This plan is to bring your peoples and your world into a place of spiritual fulfillment. Kindly remember that a deepened understanding and experiencing of spiritual unfoldment also invites the balanced advancement of scientific and technological matters. As a result, this progress also fosters more insightful creativity and establishes societies of equality which are founded on reciprocal love and which encourage all its members to advance upon the joyful path bestowed to you by the Divine Creator.

Hence these days of your planetary and individual turbulence are coming to a close. Think this not as a catastrophic event, but rather as a long-awaited opportunity to finally live who you are: lovingly intelligent divinely created beings filled with invention and accomplishment who glorify all which is good and noble.

How then shall I get ready for these transforming times? you may ask.

You have already prepared yourselves. You dedicate your lives to the spiritual upliftment of yourselves, your family and your communities. You are wonderfully committed to living within the divine Spirit of all existence: you imbue each day with the mindfulness that you are sacred beings; you continually deepen this relationship with the Divine Creator; you think, feel, create and act within the environment of unconditional Love towards yourself, other beings and all life; you live in gratitude and joy, harmoniously creating your life in partnership with the Source wherein you dwell.

In contemplating these facts which we present to you, kindly recognize that you are in the very process of transforming these last days into a splendid celebration of new life embracing expanded opportunities, communities and worlds.

We applaud you and we thank you.

Regiena Heringa
Institute for Spiritual Unfoldment and Interworld Studies (ISUIS)
Institut de l’épanouissement spirituel et des études intermondiales (IESEI)


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