Notes from the Light - April 2014

You are living in a dancing universe, as your thoughts, your molecules, and indeed all particles of matter and non-matter continually play and celebrate life. This is the nature of your reality and a wondrous nature it is!

It may be perceived that there is no systematic order in the dancing of mind and matter. Yet, all is well structured and efficient throughout the dimensions and universes, for life is permeated with the holy Spirit of creation and transformation. No thing, no thought lies outside this all encompassing Spirit of supreme love and intelligence. Even that which you think of as darkness and emptiness is filled with light and life. This may seem paradoxical.

Because of your present limited abilities to observe and experience those events and situations which vibrate beyond your human understanding and reasoning, your world seems to be filled with paradox. Yet, it is this gracious gift of paradox that stimulates your people to study further and to progress spiritually, scientifically and socially. Humankind is asked to study both paradox and anomaly. Why? you may ask.

Your planet is a member of an immense whole and it plays a significant part in the unification of existence. Your world contributes to other planetary, galactic and intergalactic systems which are also members of this vast unity. Hence, you, as a planetary society, are assisting other worlds to comprehend certain human situations. Kindly rest assured that even in the sometimes seemingly obscure behaviour of your citizens, your planet and its inhabitants continually and lovingly progress upwards in the journey of the Spirit.

Other worlds also donate to this magnificent whole. One manner they assist your people is by contributing to the elevation of human thought. This is done by stimulating creative ideas and insights within the minds of certain individuals who nurture spiritual thoughts and who freely demonstrate the desire to assist in the balanced advancement of all life. Hence, your scientific discoveries are unfolded to those in your communities who are alert to all that is good and helpful to humankind.

It is also to be remembered that to present a greater sense of completion—the coming together of parts of a massive whole—living patterns of other realities and dimensions are inserting themselves into your world. To your earthly experiences, this can observed as anomaly and paradox. To clarify, let us present this simple example.

Imagine that you are putting together a picture puzzle of one thousand pieces. As you do not have the completed image of the puzzle in front of you, you have no reference point to assist you in completing it. Imagine now that several other individuals come to your aid. As these friends have various backgrounds and experiences, they present you with other perspectives and consequently encourage you to think differently. Consequently, due to varied individual observations, the puzzle is easily completed.

Kindly contemplate the following: you live in a twirling universe which encompasses a myriad of worlds, many of which are inhabited. All these worlds indeed, all thought and all life, reside in a magnificent vibrating force of divine love and intelligence. Therefore, in your daily existence, ask yourselves how you wish to contribute to this whole. What aspects of your holy nature do you present to your families, communities and nations to encourage and remind them that they, too, are essential aspects of this whole? We leave you with the following paradox: existence by its very nature will continually dance towards a greater love and a brighter light. Yet, in truth, all life already vibrates within this all-encompassing love and light.

We embrace you.

Regiena Heringa
Institute for Spiritual Unfoldment and Interworld Studies (ISUIS)
Institut de l’épanouissement spirituel et des études intermondiales (IESEI)


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