Notes from the Light - February 2014

How do you wish to mould your life? What are the values, the interests and the gifts you desire to understand and develop?

Though you may find confusion around you, the strengthening of your inner divine centre will automatically invite you to pose these questions.

What then is the purpose of existence?

This question has been asked for centuries upon your planet. The fundamental reason for human existence is for humanity to reach out and accept its true destiny, common to all beings everywhere—perfection. Think not that this is unattainable. Quite on the contrary. The quintessence of materiality is perfection for physical worlds are projections of the infinitely loving imprint of God-essence.

You may ask, “If this is so why then do I witness non-perfection in my world?

To answer this question, we would respond with another. How often do you refine your thoughts, feelings and actions with the conscious knowledge of living love? Although you may state that this is impossible, kindly reflect upon the following: the rightful place of all matter is found in the harmonious perfection of the God core. Your soul, perpetually flawless and brilliant, no matter the thoughts you generate or the actions you pursue, resonates only to the ecstasy of pure Love, thereby demonstrating the harmonics of divine perfection. Each time you touch your inner soul presence through prayer, quietness, meditation, good thought and right action, you consciously choose to become infused with this sacred outpouring of universal and cosmic perfection. Consequently, you become unified with the sacred Creator, with your soul, and with all creation, smoothing out the wrinkles of your third-dimensional world and bringing it into alignment with other worlds who also witness, absorb and live in this universal and cosmic vibration of perfection. All life within, upon, outside and beyond your planet, forever pulsates to the sacred essence of this perfection for that is the original and natural state of life.

Kindly remember that it is you, through your own free will, who decides to consciously evade your perfect origin by denying the infinite goodness of your soul.

Although you may say this world view is difficult to assume, we state that it is most easy. In centering yourself to your divine essence, you find your natural habitat within the universe. In truth, you are moving towards your original home—your sacred soul which has always lived and will always live in perfection, this soul which moves and lives within the very arms of the God Principle of Love.

Hence we ask you the following: what is the spiritual imprint you wish to leave upon this fine planet as you make your way upwards to a higher way of being? What values do you desire to explore and develop? What ideal do you wish to be to your fellow citizens? How willing are you to inspire others to investigate the exquisite path of spiritual self-discovery? The inhabitants of your world are progressively moving into greater action. This allows your fine people the wondrous opportunity to align outward movement with the natural inner home of perfection.

Regiena Heringa
Institute for Spiritual Unfoldment and Interworld Studies (ISUIS)
Institut de l’épanouissement spirituel et des études intermondiales (IESEI)


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