Notes from the Light - September 2013

Every thought you generate, every flower you pick, every moment you breathe and speak— all personal and universal communication—touches, blends, flavours and colours all living experiences in other countries, worlds and dimensions. There is not place where you are not. Upon your earth these living energy patterns may be perceived as circular, spiral and cyclical.

These ideas are presented today so that you may fully realize the importance of your life’s creations. They are not limited to your third dimension for how can you localize love, compassion and consciousness? Your gentle act reaches far beyond the immediacy of the individual you are helping, for your sweet energy signature flows freely and joyfully into eternity.

What then, dear people, is your primary responsibility in this time of transition?

In answer, we would continue on the subject of circular, spiral and cyclical patterns.

The most economical and rewarding geometry is the rounded form for this encourages the movement of harmonious progress. Nothing is stymied or forgotten in a corner. If you sit quietly you will witness an outer circular energy movement of the physical body which is also experienced within its every cell . If you examine your routine life patterns you will also observe a circular movement. However, the elegant soul will continually express itself within the human and, in time, will incite the individual to push upwards to a higher level of spiritual understanding. It is the individual’s free will which determines the extent and depth of his or her soul’s pushing upwards to transform a circular pattern into an elevated spiral form, establish there a cyclical pattern and eventually live a more expanded circular form.

Within the human lie the emotional and mental bodies, which request balance, respect and healthy development. With the increase of spiritual awareness upon your planet, your citizens are asked to ensure that their psychological and physiological structures maintain equilibrium as they simultaneously grow in the upward spiral towards greater consciousness and action. They are also requested to respect the patterns of others who, too, are moving into expanded inner and outer worlds of Light.

Let us illustrate these ideas in the following example.

Imagine that, in walking through a formal garden of flowers, you follow the path of the lilies. Some time later you tire of this pathway (no matter how beautiful the lilies seem) and, in lifting your head, you realize that you have travelled in a circle. What has occurred? You have tired of the experience. In recognizing this fatigue you consciously choose something greater and more fulfilling. Perhaps you decide to sit down and, with closed eyes, sense the beauty and peace of the environment.

This simple example demonstrates the movement of a circular pattern to the heightened field of the spiral. To fully absorb the experience of a particular spiral pattern, the individual is encouraged to live and maintain a fresh cycle of the understanding gleaned from the spiral-form experience. Once this cycle is integrated, the individual may then decide to move into a new circular pattern to live fully, in the outer world, this elevated way of being and doing. Later, this individual may then once again be led by spiritual guidance to the next sacred pattern on the upward path.

Hence, the primary responsibility that you hold upon your earth at this time is to radiate the purest essence of Light through the pattern you are experiencing. In this way, you continue to unfold the noble spiritual essence of your world and participate more fully in the many dimensions of divine and eternal life.

Regiena Heringa
Institute for Spiritual Unfoldment and Interworld Studies (ISUIS)
Institut de l’épanouissement spirituel et des études intermondiales (IESEI)


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