Notes from the Light - June 2013

What a delight for us to see you grow in love, accepting, sharing and advancing in all that is good and honest. While there is still the pushing of dark against light upon your planet, you are increasingly understanding that the immortal stance of the human is now becoming a part of your world consciousness and hence being recorded in your physicality.

There is a close and loving marriage between the immortal self and Spirit for the two are one. Once this is understood and digested by your minds and integrated into your emotional systems and physical bodies, you will fully comprehend that Spirit is immortal and that you are, in fact, divinely eternal beings. It is through the use of your own free will that you decide how to live your immortal nature. Let us explain.

All life is immortal, for it is divine energy, created by the sacred power of the Creator—this magnificent force of Love and Light which ensures harmony, order and beauty throughout the universe. To your comprehension life seems to die. However, if you observe your natural world more closely, you will see that “death” is simply the transformation of matter, releasing energy so that it can be reused. In the Creator’s world nothing is wasted.

However, as the human being is the greatest and noblest creation of this God-Source, there is a personal relationship between the Creator and the human — the great spiritual bond of soul. This eternal, pure and loving soul, unique to each individual, is a privilege accorded to all people. It is also the responsibility of each citizen in your world, through the proper use of free will, to fully live this relationship with the Source by exercising such soul qualities such compassion, generosity, respect, wisdom and gentleness.

As the people upon your fine earth begin to live closer to their soul, they will perceive the truth that they are immortal. What you have understood so far is that after the body dies, the soul being eternal, continues to live and journey onwards to greater understanding and joy. However, a revelation which has been presented to you on many occasions throughout your earth’s history is now presented to you again this day: the more you move and have your being and consciousness in the environment of the universal Spirit and, more specifically in your soul’s attributes, the more you will perceive that you can lift up the body so that it becomes the physical witness of beauty, harmony and immorality. Indeed, you become the image of the Creator and of the universe.

However, kindly remember that to enjoy unified immortality— that of body, mind, Spirit and soul—you are requested to practice the perfect use of your free will. What is this perfect use?

Being and reflecting unconditional Love.

The natural state of existence in all worlds and dimensions is Love. There is no other. It is Love which encourages you to increase the noble glorification of your world and its inhabitants, thus favouring the path of immortality.

It has been mentioned frequently that your earth and its people are moving towards a great Destiny—the inclusion in an expansive world, beyond your dimension, of tremendous spiritual vibration and fellowship. We uphold this observation and encourage you to contemplate the ideas presented here. They are the stepping stones to this universal and sacred community which joyfully awaits you all.

Regiena Heringa
Institute for Spiritual Unfoldment and Interworld Studies (ISUIS)
Institut de l’épanouissement spirituel et des études intermondiales (IESEI)


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