Notes from the Light - April 2013

You may ask yourselves, “What is prayer?” To answer this question, let us explain the nature of energy in your world.

Energy is life. It ensures the proper functioning of all organisms if this energy is perfectly aligned to a central core, the anchor of all conscious matter.

Within all physical existence, no matter its sphere, dimension, density or transparency, there is a core—this primary principle—which ensures and directs life. This core is found within the smallest particle of vibrating matter. Although it is not an intrinsic part of the particle, for it lies beyond it, this primary principle does bond with it. At no time, however, will this core lose its identity and dissolve into vibrating matter. This essence is also found within the coloured light emanating from your physical bodies and within the thought patterns you create and the emotional situations you experience.

This core is pure, perfect and cannot be contaminated or destroyed. It is everywhere and it is experienced as quintessential Love. This primary principle traverses all dimensions and universes and permeates the cosmos. Without this core, physical life would collapse and, in a manner of speaking, would fold to a point of Light, which, in turn would still continue to illuminate the void. In truth, the void is not empty for it is forever nourished by this core. We realize that paradox abounds in this text! Let us then move forward.

For humankind to unfold its perfection, it is essential that the core within each individual is acknowledged and lived as primary concern. We have mentioned in previous messages that your world is moving toward unity. This is observed upon your planet as the Christ action of mutual understanding, sharing, cooperation and loving service. However, the greatest demonstration of unity is the desire of your inhabitants, through the use of their free will, to discover and cultivate this core fully and to follow its teachings completely. In this manner, individuals in your world begin to celebrate their inner, universal divinity and, through radiating this truth outwards, reveal their original positions as beings of light and of spiritual and scientific genius.

Therefore, to understand prayer, there must first exist within your people’s awareness the truth that all life vibrates to this primary principle—Love. From this platform, individuals may then volunteer to “pray”. This can be done by confirming, through intention and action, that all life in your bodies, minds and societies is perfectly aligned to this core and that it will be continually maintained in this core. There is a lesser need in your world to foster the idea of change and a greater need to simply allow the inner divine essence to emerge and to place itself in primary position within your conscious daily life. Let us present you with this example.

Imagine that you are observing a beautiful tulip with one of its petals bruised. Place your whole attention on the feeling of complete beauty for this flower, hence sensing its perfect core. Now consciously acknowledge that the tulip is a perfect, magnificent creation. The petal will no longer be bruised. To your naked eye, this physical transformation may or may not be observed. However, having consciously chosen to place the core, perfect and eternal, as primary and dominant position in your consciousness, you have made the flower whole. In truth you have revealed its perfection; you have “prayed” to the flower to bring forth its wholeness. As there is much to be said concerning prayer and creation, we will continue with this subject in a future message. Blessings of true life to you all!

Regiena Heringa
Institute for Spiritual Unfoldment and Interworld Studies (ISUIS)
Institut de l’épanouissement spirituel et des études intermondiales (IESEI)


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