Notes from the Light - March 2013

Be not apprehensive of the vast space that lies beyond your planet and within the confines of your inner thoughts.

Although the universe expands and contracts, it does not restrict to lose the vastness of its space. Even in contraction, space continues to expand.

You may think this a paradox. We ask you, therefore, to look within and sense the inner contraction when a less evolved thought you create overshadows an inspirational thought that flows through you. Notice that the overwhelming feeling of the uplifting thought leaves a presence within your emotional body even as the restrictive thought attempts to dominate it.

Let us give you this example.

Imagine you are tasting an apple.You close your eyes and you become absorbed in the pleasure of this fruit. Suddenly a thought comes to you stating that now is not the time to eat this apple. Here you find yourself in two states: enjoying this boundless, happy experience and entertaining a contracting thought which attempts to restrict it. Notice that, should you surrender to the thought and stop eating the fruit, the residue of this immeasurable happy experience remains. We illustrate here the tendency of your citizens to contract, and even restrict expansive, inspirational states of being.Yet these uplifting states are the very indicators of your true living nature and are always present, whether you consciously accept them or not.

At this time upon your fine earth, there is a great need for your people to explore the rich inner worlds of sensing, expanded thinking and creativity. We ask that you partake in a regular quiet time of inner reflection, ensuring balance with your outer, active lives and allowing yourselves the liberty to seek friendship with the great Spirit who guides and counsels you. It is through this pathway of inner universal expansion that a profound sacred relationship is born between your state of being, your true identity upon this planet and your ensuing outward activities and service.

It is true that your physical bodies, including your brains and emanating energy patterns, are directing themselves toward the unification with this great cosmic Light as It continues to strengthen, heal and direct all planetary life. This great Christ Light, which lies within the very soul structure of your being, requests that you continue to turn toward It and joyfully learn to live within It.

It is the nature of the universe and of your own beings which, too, are universal, to expand, search, discover, learn, teach and guide, no matter whether life is macroscopic or microscopic, whether it expands or contracts. It is to be remembered that Light and Love remain steadfast in all circumstances and in all dimensions, worlds and spheres of existence.

Hence, welcome and explore this vast and sacred space behind your closed eyes and within your hearts, minds and bodies. You, as we, are and will always be, divine beings.

Regiena Heringa
Institute for Spiritual Unfoldment and Interworld Studies (ISUIS)
Institut de l’épanouissement spirituel et des études intermondiales (IESEI)


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