Notes from the Light - February 2013

Hold very steady. As the structures of your world transform and seemingly collapse, hold fast. Even if your eye and mind do not always perceive this truth, it has been observed that no thing is truly disintegrating. All is being reshaped.

We ask that you view your changing world through a magic lens. Imagine for a moment that, through different eyes and thought patterns, you observe the inner structure of all creation. Let us give you this example.

Observe a tree and, through your heart language and mind expansion, voyage into and deep beyond its physical form. In such sensing you will experience and know that the inner configuration of this tree is perfect, as true existence dictates, and that it holds a structure identical to all other objects, conditions and bodies, human and non-human. The inner structures of all creation, no matter the dimension or sphere of existence, are identical.

How is this possible?

It is the mind which differentiates, categorizes and separates when it speaks from its linear position. In your present world, there is a important transitioning from linear, separating thought to unity of thought. You are now witnessing upon your planet a greater opening of transformational thinking which includes the expansion of ideas and creations in Light. This illustrates your gradual and, at times, rapid movement into a more inclusive mind. Kindly remember that the more comprehensive the mind, the more permanent its bonding to a heart of fraternal love.

If you examine the common denominator of your good thoughts and actions, you will realize that this common ground is Love. It is Love which holds the inner, universal structure, births and supports all creation, no matter its density or transparency. Love creates all physical matter through its very core, the God-Presence, and It is experienced by the emanation of its God-energy through lives built on goodness.

If you wish to ponder this presentation, we request that you precipitate a personal journey to explore these universal truths.

Hence, in a time of chaos and turbulence, hold steady to this great inner structure called Love. It has been and continues to be, the salvation of your world. Sharpen your awareness and observe how all life around and within you adjusts and bows to the harmony and power pouring from this profound, divine Love as it radiates from within your physical bodies, hearts and minds.

All inner structure, even that of shadow, is Love. It is to be remembered that the realm of darkness will be incited at some phase of its existence by its own free will, to surrender to its innermost structure of Love. This is the dictate of divine order. The continued future of all existence everywhere is to unfold and celebrate its innermost sacred construct, living and evolving in gladness, gratitude and service. This is the assured path of your world and planet.

It is, indeed, the destiny of your lives and ours.

Regiena Heringa
Institute for Spiritual Unfoldment and Interworld Studies (ISUIS)
Institut de l’épanouissement spirituel et des études intermondiales (IESEI)


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