Notes from the Light - November 2012

If you look into your sky, you may see clouds: some long and delicate, others wide and curved, other white and grey: beautiful water-bearing sculptures useful and at times threatening.

When can a graceful cloud become dangerous? When it is in an unstable environment.

Your Earth and many of its inhabitants are asked to foster greater equilibrium. Although you presently observe the beauty of your planet and the genius and wonderment of its people, there lies within certain groupings uncertainty as their balance between heart and mind dissipates.

Kindly understand that we speak of “many” of the earth’s inhabitants. We do not speak of “all” of your citizens.

As unlikely as it may seem to you, there is presently a great movement afoot to bring forth balance upon your planet. The settling of harmony in your entire dimension can be brought forth by the physical reestablishment and renewal of your Earth. Let us explain.

You are reminded that in your material world, a change in consciousness results in a modification of molecular structure. We present this example.

If you gaze upon your favorite cloud with intense joy, this cloud, being charged with your emotion of goodness, is elevated to a higher “beingness” of itself. Why? Because you have invited the molecular structure of this cloud to resonate to your joy and, as a result, you have transformed it. To your observation the cloud may seem unchanged. Yet, in truth, being charged with goodness, this cloud subsequently follows the law of harmony and influences its surrounding and distant environment in an affirmative manner.

Increasing, inhabitants of this fine planet are consciously and actively living the principles of harmony and balance. These laws, in your material world, impart that the more noble your thought and the appropriate accompanying emotional state the more noble the person, situation, environment and object become. Hence, the deeper you love, the more harmonious the material world. The more stable the loving action, the greater the manifestation of balance.

As you bring your planet into equilibrium through this loving thought and action, you ensure the transformation and upliftment of the molecular structure in your physical environment including the material bodies of your citizens who experience various levels of growth. This change also flows beyond the materiality of your dimension and favorably affects other less physical worlds presently not fully understood by your people.

In truth, by reestablishing balance upon your earth, you initiate the creation of a new spiritual and physical world.

We ask that you reflect upon the tremendous divine power within you and how you can best employ this force of spiritual love for the transformation and upliftment of your physical planet and your people.

It is to be remembered that all life everywhere is held in the cherished arms of the Creator. Gratitude abounds.

Regiena Heringa
Institute for Spiritual Unfoldment and Interworld Studies (ISUIS)
Institut de l’épanouissement spirituel et des études intermondiales (IESEI)


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