Notes from the Light - October 2012

There are two major ways upon your planet you may choose to live spiritually: being within the Christ Love centre and becoming this Christ Love centre. Both are valid and of great help to all.

What then is the difference?

Let us consider happiness. Being happy is a state of mind and heart which indicates that you have explored this way of being and that you have decided to live it. Becoming happiness on the other hand, goes beyond the idea of a state or condition. It asks that you surrender the human mind and heart to the sacred vibration of the Creator and to dwell within the very centre of this Source.

When individuals, with the full realization that they belong to the Creator, let go of personal control, they then consciously move into becoming a part of this Source. In becoming happiness you are happy

We speak upon this subject today because your planet and its people are becoming whole.

What do we mean by this?

In all earthly life, there is a rhythm of birth, growth, fulfillment and a transition which you term as “death.”However, many individuals upon your earth are now becoming aware that this entire cycle of life does not necessarily hold true for the human being. Understanding now being presented to you from higher vibrational realms reveals that the physical body can be transformed and that “death” is not final. Kindly remember that the initial and true destiny of your Earth is not to terminate life, but to celebrate it.

As a result, your planet and its inhabitants are asked to move from the idea of being in a heightened state of loving awareness to becoming that very state. Being in the state of freedom is noble indeed. Becoming that freedom is of even greater benefit to all. As your people of this fine earth begin to integrate and become the spiritual qualities that are found within their divine core, they begin to actively take on leadership and “example-ship.” Consequently, you and your societies become the celebration of Life.

We ask you to ponder the following.

When you feel Love, open yourselves to become flooded with this Love. When you feel compassion, generosity, creative genius and goodness, let these fine and noble qualities fill you up so that you become them.

All your great leaders, spiritual masters and divine teachers inspire you. Why? Because they have become fully the fine qualities of Christ Light. This is your destiny also.

Acknowledging your sacred and elegant nature is celebrating your life. Become this God-nature. It is easily done. Simply allow a space to be created within your human mind and heart and invite a greater mind and a more expansive heart to enter and teach you the loving ways of the Universe.

Regiena Heringa
Institute for Spiritual Unfoldment and Interworld Studies (ISUIS)
Institut de l’épanouissement spirituel et des études intermondiales (IESEI)


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