Notes from the Light - August 2012

In your world there is the delicate balance between soul and ego wherein lies the basis of your duality. However, this duality is now shifting to unity. You ask, “ How can duality become one? Can I live in Light without first experiencing shadow?” These are valid questions and we answer with a few of our own!

Is it truly necessary in this transitioning time upon your earth, to experience the darkness in order to choose Light?

If you were to place an apple and an orange upon your table and you choose the apple, need this choice be based on the previous tasting experience of the orange? We ask you: do you wish to continue to live in the state of comparison?

Kindly contemplate the following: within every human being there is a “program of mind” which presents the idea of duality, reminding individuals that they are composed of both material and spiritual matter. This is a fact in your dimension. Upon your earth both compositions, physical and spiritual, have often separately played important roles, but now these compositions are uniting. Let us explain.

The importance of physical life is its movement from separation to union. If you review your planetary history, you repeatedly witness this movement of physical matter being uplifted through spiritual language: praise to the Creator through prayer and song, and expressing this Spirit through the development of the arts, mathematics, science, medicine, architecture and so forth. Here you witness the joyful expressions of creation with Creation. Herein lies the purpose of each human upon your earth: through the use of free will you are invited to render the human condition divine. It is true that at the apex of your planetary achievements, a voluntary separation from the Creator resulted in the fall of your civilizations. However, now your world is awakening to a greater understanding of the fusion of matter and spirit which may kindle a change in your planetary pattern of construction and destruction. If you indeed become an awakened world nation, you then have the possibility to introduce a fine path towards union with the Creator and with other stellar families who have always existed within the grace and the love of the divine Whole. Earth creation, in consort with the Creator, then can begin to stabilize, flourish, and nourish not only the progress of its planet, but also, through mutual sharing, contribute to the progress of other planetary and intergalactic communities.

Consider the following: within the smallest particle of physical matter, vibrates the sacred essence of life, insuring that all existence is imbued with God-Goodness and Christ Love. Here is the bridge between matter and spirit, the language of unity. Why do we state this? Because this sacred Light essence is found in physical matter and yet is accessible and increased only through spiritual understanding—the expansion of a mind and a heart which lie beyond your perceived laws of physics.

This vibration of the pure Christ Light needs no understanding of duality in order to be felt, absorbed and experienced. If you, as a sacred and intelligent creation, access this Christ Light through silence, love, gratitude and appropriate action, you will understand that this Universal Light has always been in existence and needs no darkness to explain Itself to Itself nor to others. All that is unified in the Creator needs no explanation. Rather, it is this divine Whole which exudes love, intelligence and creativity for the enjoyment and advancement of all.

Regiena Heringa
Institute for Spiritual Unfoldment and Interworld Studies (ISUIS)
Institut de l’épanouissement spirituel et des études intermondiales (IESEI)


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