Notes from the Light - July 2012

There is only one Light and that Light is of celestial origin, found in your loving eye and in the radiance of your spiritual body. This Light is the Christ Light and It floods all physicality. In truth, this Light creates physicality.

The physical light in your world is critical for human survival. It is also a reminder of a greater Light that all beings upon your earth could easily recognize if they would but open their minds and hearts.

We do not deny the importance of material existence for it is invaluable to humans in learning how to follow the Creator’s way. However, in all cases, the human form transforms. Most frequently in your world you observe the human form dissolving at the moment of transition which you interpret as death. Here, the celestial, spiritual Light which inhabits the body, leaves it and continues elsewhere. Yet, it is also known that certain human bodies contain great Light and therefore, at the moment of transition, do not dissolve. Rather, these bodies are refined and become an integral part of the Light. This is the fusing of matter and true Light—matter becomes imbued with Light and is raised. In a manner of speaking, there is a transference from physical light—that which is needed to support material existence—to the celestial Light of Spirit—that which transports physical life to a higher degree of expression.

Your earth, including its citizens, holds both physical light and spiritual Light. In compliance with universal law, all life continually moves into a higher expression of itself, no matter the environment, sphere or dimension. Hence, your planet and all life upon it and within it, continue to voyage to a higher plane wherein spiritual Light replaces physical light. In your future, dear peoples of this revolving and evolving earth, you will witness greater numbers of your inhabitants moving into the Light of Spirit with their physical bodies transformed. In essence, all life upon and within your planet is moving towards this unity which can be viewed as cosmic Light—the universally understood common language.

We ask you, therefore, to remain vigilant in how you express yourselves in mind, heart and action. The great Light is nourished by kind thought and loving deed. In appreciating the physical light which warms your bodies and gives you life, we ask that you remember your true origin—celestial Light—which guides you to more expansive worlds of sacred union. We state this, for your earth continues to plays an important role within an extensive spiritual family which spans far beyond your Milky Way and touches other less material dimensions of your universe. These communities fully understand the transition from physical light to spiritual Light and are eager to assist those in your world who are wish to participate.

Hence, kindly remember you are not alone. You are cherished and, if you so wish it, you may be guided into a more refined and noble expression of life through the joyful recognition and reception of the Christ Light, Creator of matter. You need only knock and the door will open for you, gracious people.

Regiena Heringa
Institute for Spiritual Unfoldment and Interworld Studies (ISUIS)
Institut de l’épanouissement spirituel et des études intermondiales (IESEI)


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