Notes from the Light - June 2012

There is a depth to stillness wherein you travel to another world. In truth, there are other planets, systems and dimensions which are founded on the vibration of stillness. You might say, “Nonsense, because stillness has no vibration.” We reply that in any physical creation, microscopic, macroscopic, dense or transparent, vibration—the Life pulse—exists.

There is a direct relationship between stillness and the profundity of understanding.

In your present world there is an increase in electromagnetic activity: augmented intensity of cosmic rays, highly excitable brain activity, magnification of light and greater agitation of the minutest particles of light and other dimensional matter which lay beyond the scrutiny of your measuring instruments. These “newer” particles, mingle with the cosmic rays, hum, stir, radiate, turn and enter your physical bodies and, indeed, your entire planet. Even as your bodies lighten and move into a more pronounced expression of Light, the Life pulse remains. However, as you will shortly witness, there is an intimate link between the refinement of physical matter, this Life pulse, stillness and expanded perception and awareness.

For individuals upon your plane of existence to communicate with more spiritually and scientifically advanced beings from other worlds and dimensions, a meeting of vibrational fields is required and this reunion is best cultivated through stillness. As paradoxical as it may seem, the greater the Light in beings, the vaster their inner stillness and the closer their link to the Creator. This offers such beings a deeper understanding of existence and a continual wonderment for all of creation.

Those upon your planet will advance if they will recognize the inherent goodness of all Life. This recognition must first take place through the inner sanctuary of mind and heart—within the stillness of divine vibration. The moment an Earth citizen truly acknowledges that all creation is sacred, that individual enhances the Light in his or her own being, opens up the mind to vaster perception and throws wide the door to welcome those in higher worlds of Life.

We ask you to contemplate the following questions.

Will you befriend, cultivate and cherish the stillness within? Are you ready to openly live as spiritual beings, knowing that daily you continually create a conscious inner marriage between stillness and greater awareness of Spirit? Will you express continual gratitude to the Creator of all Life and cultivate a world of sacred community? As a result of this commitment, will you then joyfully accept the increase of inner Light as it replenishes and modifies the physical cells and refines your body? Consequently, will you then step upon a masterly Path of community, world and universal service?

To develop friendship with those of higher worlds, for that is certainly a possible destiny of your planet, your people must understand that we speak not of living in a theoretical world, but of living the action of spiritual progress.

Your earth continues to evolve for that is its nature. All its inhabitants continue to progress for therein lies the meaning of their lives. Many upon your planet understand these truths, others are commencing the journey and yet others have yet to ponder the possibility.

We know that your hearts and minds are warmly nestled in a magnificent dimension of great Love and well-being. We leave you to enjoy the discovery.

Regiena Heringa
Institute for Spiritual Unfoldment and Interworld Studies (ISUIS)
Institut de l’épanouissement spirituel et des études intermondiales (IESEI)


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